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Discussion of Problem 1133. Fibonacci Sequence

AC at lastAlexF1133. Fibonacci Sequence1 Nov 2008 04:121  
I solve recurrence equation by using characteristic equationBigBin1133. Fibonacci Sequence4 Sep 2008 14:131  
Help me please, WA 11.Denis1133. Fibonacci Sequence9 Apr 2008 18:441  
WA#16, i think my algo is correctBobur1133. Fibonacci Sequence9 Apr 2008 18:280  
Pascal or C/C++ (extended && double)St.Max [UPML KNU]1133. Fibonacci Sequence10 Jan 2008 19:031  
test datalian lian1133. Fibonacci Sequence3 Jan 2008 21:211  
To all who WA many times but don't know what's wrongUral_Huang Shang1133. Fibonacci Sequence10 Nov 2007 16:4210  
coping with accuracyTodor Tsonkov1133. Fibonacci Sequence21 Mar 2007 16:352  
Just use binary search in the range (-2000000000 , 2000000000) to find the second number!shrek1133. Fibonacci Sequence7 Nov 2006 12:090  
Re: why compilation error?Tabledott1133. Fibonacci Sequence7 Jul 2006 01:412  
test 16Trần Quang Chung1133. Fibonacci Sequence6 Jun 2006 06:200  
WA AGAIN!!! I'm sure in my code, BUT ....Akshin Salimov1133. Fibonacci Sequence5 Jan 2006 20:050  
Hintftc1133. Fibonacci Sequence18 Jul 2005 23:540  
Funny solutionSamsonov Alex [SESC USU]1133. Fibonacci Sequence5 Jul 2005 12:440  
I've passed 1133 using c++BFL1133. Fibonacci Sequence29 May 2005 14:340  
help plzMuhammet1133. Fibonacci Sequence22 May 2005 11:050  
Who solve this problem on C? Please give hint, why wrong 9?Lifanov1133. Fibonacci Sequence12 Apr 2005 13:310  
What a strange checking system...Alexander Bovkun1133. Fibonacci Sequence26 Mar 2005 07:351  
Please, give me test for this task.marina_ufa1133. Fibonacci Sequence18 May 2004 17:375  
I wonder the tests are not correctOrshanskiy Sergey1133. Fibonacci Sequence5 Apr 2004 22:066  

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