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Discussion of Problem 1133. Fibonacci Sequence

Hint! and WA10Connector1133. Fibonacci Sequence19 Jul 2013 21:221  
WA 10, WA 11 ( if you use a MSVC 2010 )Andrew Sboev [USU]1133. Fibonacci Sequence18 Mar 2013 19:240  
Wrong answer .13 testProbaa1133. Fibonacci Sequence9 Feb 2013 19:501  
I had WA14 but...MOPDOBOPOT (USU)1133. Fibonacci Sequence14 Nov 2012 23:314  
Help me ,why WA #11Ollaberganov1133. Fibonacci Sequence7 Jan 2012 14:042  
please help me to solve this problemboo!1133. Fibonacci Sequence1 Dec 2011 12:520  
No subjectONU_17851133. Fibonacci Sequence5 Nov 2011 17:580  
Oh,my God! What's the 15th test data?Li_Ke[NEU]1133. Fibonacci Sequence2 Jun 2011 19:010  
This problem has fine precalc solutionCat361133. Fibonacci Sequence16 Jan 2011 16:405  
WA15agtr1133. Fibonacci Sequence1 Oct 2010 17:282  
You must create a class big integer for you to solve this problem in C++ Phan Hoài Nam (HUFLIT)1133. Fibonacci Sequence21 Sep 2010 22:161  
My prog deals with coefficients, but WA on test #16. Can anybody help me or gimme that test?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1133. Fibonacci Sequence31 Aug 2010 21:066  
It is correct?Vit Demidenko1133. Fibonacci Sequence31 Aug 2010 20:402  
Bolshoyo Spasiba vam_____-- Vladimir Yakovlev (USU), (Thank you))Qafqaz_Ferhad Cebiyev1133. Fibonacci Sequence24 Jun 2010 23:130  
WA#15Alexander_Tulpanov_SSSU1133. Fibonacci Sequence1 Aug 2009 17:430  
WHY I GET WA ON TEST 10..Ghost1133. Fibonacci Sequence7 May 2009 06:511  
How to Start ?Varun Sharma1133. Fibonacci Sequence7 May 2009 05:002  
WHO CAN HELP ME?Please.....K-A-R-E-N(YSU)1133. Fibonacci Sequence23 Feb 2009 11:081  
What is the test#15???Programmer1133. Fibonacci Sequence9 Jan 2009 17:330  
Java BigInteger can also be useful here....Nisarg Shah1133. Fibonacci Sequence13 Dec 2008 11:250  

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