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Discussion of Problem 1136. Parliament

Runtime Error in pythonMilena Araujo1136. Parliament16 Dec 2019 16:494  
Test 5Desserg1136. Parliament16 Dec 2019 15:110  
always get Runtime error (access violation) C#ArtemArtem1136. Parliament12 Sep 2016 15:331  
WA #2 runtime error (access violation)who can tell me why?9999991136. Parliament16 Apr 2016 23:250  
Optimal solutionIvan Nikulin1136. Parliament6 Sep 2015 23:083  
Why I get WA? Pelase, help me!!!!!!!Revenger and NSC1136. Parliament7 Jan 2015 01:352  
For those who had problems with test 11 and got ACIvanov Alexander1136. Parliament7 Jan 2015 01:271  
I need help! WA #1Stiff1136. Parliament29 Nov 2012 21:061  
crash acess violation #1jet-pilot1136. Parliament2 Nov 2012 00:221  
Crash#1SharpBlade1136. Parliament6 Oct 2012 18:400  
Memory in BSTMOPDOBOPOT (USU)1136. Parliament26 Aug 2012 20:220  
BST - SolvedLuka Bulatovic1136. Parliament20 Aug 2011 21:560  
Sample output is wrong!!! (i thing)Karavaev Artem1136. Parliament17 Jan 2011 15:292  
Why Crash (access violation) #1dima112211221136. Parliament23 Nov 2010 20:200  
WA11 ??tester1136. Parliament27 Oct 2010 15:513  
to admin . "Identification numbers do not exceed 60000."LiWang1123581136. Parliament18 Jul 2009 01:441  
the limitsTiberiu Florea1136. Parliament16 Jun 2008 21:153  
Do you have any goodidea?Tony1136. Parliament2 Jan 2008 18:014  
To admins: My recursive solution in java works with Xint optionKhuder1136. Parliament6 Oct 2006 09:023  
Help! My BST doesn't work! TLE#12. Code included.Alexey1136. Parliament14 Jul 2006 16:301  

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