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Discussion of Problem 1137. Bus Routes

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Common sense? Oh, f@ck it.Otisler1137. Bus Routes4 Dec 2019 10:391  
Input is incorrect!!!Kirom `Ekexity [SESC17]💻1137. Bus Routes20 Mar 2019 23:141  
WA#2So Sui Ming1137. Bus Routes8 May 2017 12:501  
why crash test 5???scythe1137. Bus Routes29 Sep 2015 06:146  
If you have WA#1Vladimir Plyashkun [USU]1137. Bus Routes30 Sep 2014 22:112  
Wrong answer test #4 - Lỗi test case 4Administrator1137. Bus Routes19 May 2013 19:121  
WA on test #1. Are tests correct?cap_prot1137. Bus Routes5 Feb 2013 16:121  
correct answer for this test?Wojciech Wawrzyniak1137. Bus Routes24 Sep 2012 16:344  
Why wa on test 3???youth1137. Bus Routes22 Jun 2012 12:471  
Look here!!!Flyer1137. Bus Routes31 Jan 2012 23:013  
Does this problem requires the route with minimum stops?November Rain1137. Bus Routes19 Mar 2010 04:164  
Is it possible to output 0?Failed Peter1137. Bus Routes11 Jul 2009 20:246  
I found euler but always get WA#1 What?Andrey Veselovskiy1137. Bus Routes11 Aug 2008 04:352  
AC!Your task is to find the Euler Path.My algo is O(V+E).At first I am worried about the menory,but 430-300k AC.Yu YuanMing1137. Bus Routes29 Jul 2008 15:315  
AC with 405KB, though...(+)Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1137. Bus Routes14 Apr 2005 15:242  
hehesup1137. Bus Routes1 Feb 2003 11:081  
Only "Begin End." can got Accepted !!!!!!!!!! ------Just Now, May be corrected later.NOT To Try1137. Bus Routes1 Feb 2003 11:083  
To admins!!!! Judge is wrong(+)Nazarov Denis (nsc2001@rambler.ru)1137. Bus Routes24 Jan 2002 16:033  

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