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Discussion of Problem 1138. Integer Percentage

Why wrong answer?Ferro1138. Integer Percentage16 Apr 2022 18:440  
How to prove the "untill 100 percent" algorithm?Incognito1138. Integer Percentage12 Apr 2020 07:020  
Random Test Cases Aditya Singh1138. Integer Percentage19 Jun 2019 08:041  
It may be useful: (if You use Dynamic Programming), increasing percentage doesn't exceed 100%Pasha1138. Integer Percentage11 May 2017 02:052  
The data must be wrong! Please check it.zhougelin1138. Integer Percentage9 Apr 2015 02:384  
hint for WAAde1138. Integer Percentage24 Oct 2013 20:073  
why the percentage is'nt exceed 100%?hoan1138. Integer Percentage6 Nov 2010 22:040  
Why my program get WA?I can't find the mistake.Sarby Liang1138. Integer Percentage19 Oct 2009 09:313  
Please help me my algorithm is short and obvious but i don know why it get WA ???Saber1138. Integer Percentage25 Jul 2009 19:561  
What's the hell wrong with this code???Many Thanks,Thanks,Thanks!!!!coldplayfans1138. Integer Percentage3 Oct 2008 18:320  
My AC CodeNeptun1138. Integer Percentage26 Oct 2007 08:560  
My AC CodeNeptun1138. Integer Percentage26 Oct 2007 08:560  
Is this test possible?Diac Paul1138. Integer Percentage26 Oct 2007 08:322  
Something is wrong with the picture in the problem.minkerui1138. Integer Percentage19 May 2004 14:532  
Help!Why I got WA!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!??????????Li Xun1138. Integer Percentage11 May 2004 21:022  
Please anyone O(n) :( i did it N2 and got AC but i want O(n)Locomotive1138. Integer Percentage29 Apr 2003 02:294  
Whats wrong with my short code ???can anybody help me ???Saber1138. Integer Percentage18 Mar 2003 01:130  
HELP!!! I always get "TIME EXCEEDED!"turkeys1138. Integer Percentage14 Feb 2003 13:592  
help!what's wrong with my code?I always get WADestiny1138. Integer Percentage6 Nov 2002 12:360  
Why do I get WA???ChuanLin1138. Integer Percentage3 Sep 2002 15:330  

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