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Discussion of Problem 1139. City Blocks

explanation for solution lostbrain1139. City Blocks16 Sep 2020 22:500  
WA 3Vasiliy1139. City Blocks19 Jul 2020 23:200  
WA 9 help pleaseIvan1139. City Blocks8 May 2020 18:170  
WA Test 8EvGeniy[ONPU]1139. City Blocks9 Dec 2019 18:372  
Simpliest algorythmIlya Lubashov1139. City Blocks30 Sep 2019 07:230  
Summary of the Algorithm(the formula derivation)jagatsastry1139. City Blocks3 May 2018 14:073  
Can't find tests to prove algorithm wrong (WA 3)Kirill1139. City Blocks31 Oct 2017 01:002  
My solution works as follows :Mahilewets1139. City Blocks13 Jun 2017 21:250  
If you want to know why when gcd(M, N) = 1 Ans is M + N - 1, come in!Huang WenHao1139. City Blocks30 Oct 2016 22:522  
can you tell me how to solve this questionxinxin1139. City Blocks30 Oct 2016 22:411  
i got accepted 0.078 secpanic1139. City Blocks13 Dec 2015 22:384  
TO ADMINSmberdyshev1139. City Blocks27 Nov 2015 01:570  
not clearNajmaddin Akhundov1139. City Blocks24 Aug 2015 02:231  
test 3ghostfreak1139. City Blocks31 Oct 2014 03:204  
a mathematical explanantionakash akash1139. City Blocks30 Aug 2014 07:521  
wa3 hint - floating poing errorsvg20031139. City Blocks3 Dec 2013 13:090  
Why are these tests?Sasha1139. City Blocks12 Jul 2013 17:011  
What is the 10 test?NeMo1139. City Blocks11 Jun 2011 03:481  
For Vladimir Milenov Vasilev: I know what you have to do to get AC with 1139!shitty.Mishka1139. City Blocks29 Nov 2001 01:161  
Please, help. What is the answer for n=32001 and m= 16001Vladimir Milenov Vasilev1139. City Blocks28 Nov 2001 01:261  

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