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Discussion of Problem 1142. Relations

WA1. Is first test different, or it's problem with IO?Ionkin M [Samara SAU #617]1142. Relations19 Sep 2020 00:491  
Sterling number of second kindRishabh Jain1142. Relations3 Sep 2020 18:300  
Any Help/HintAmil Khare1142. Relations27 Sep 2017 15:334  
thanks for interesting taskkasarino1142. Relations24 Jan 2015 14:010  
combinatoricsstaticor1142. Relations4 Jul 2013 20:320  
Some hint for you (Very exciting problem, although it's easy at the first time).Phan Hoài Nam (Harvey Nash)1142. Relations16 Oct 2012 11:291  
Can be this case? a=b<c=d<e=f.Hrayr1142. Relations13 Jan 2012 03:422  
Whats wrong with my formula?Dijkztra1142. Relations18 Oct 2010 18:122  
How to count?Pier Paolo Guillen Hernandez1142. Relations26 Jul 2010 16:313  
Hint(+)Smusenok Sergiy Andriyovich (KhAI)1142. Relations28 Aug 2009 15:480  
what's the answer of 5 = ="suckychild1142. Relations28 Jan 2008 08:431  
What is answer for N = 4?Nikolai Sakharnykh1142. Relations5 Dec 2007 20:262  
Please help me if 2<n<100!!!CLASSIC1142. Relations30 Mar 2007 10:571  
What's the output for n=10? (-)asif1142. Relations1 May 2005 15:581  
Why does my program not work?Teh Ming Han1142. Relations1 May 2005 15:571  
Hint for this problem?Marko Tintor (marko@pkj.co.yu)1142. Relations14 Mar 2003 16:292  
Some Useful hint is here... anyone view:Locomotive1142. Relations11 Feb 2003 12:350  
what's the answer for N=4 and N=10 ?Elielson Barbosa Rodrigues1142. Relations29 Dec 2002 21:533  

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