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Discussion of Problem 1143. Electric Path

be carefulAdhambek1143. Electric Path3 Jun 2021 20:261  
WA #14Petru Trimbitas1143. Electric Path23 Sep 2011 22:260  
sampleEdric Mao1143. Electric Path2 Sep 2010 16:410  
I'm really mad of solving this problem... Why the minimal spanning tree doesn't work? And what is the right solution? (-)WAZZAP1143. Electric Path26 Aug 2010 07:573  
O(n^3) works... Koala1143. Electric Path28 Nov 2009 14:501  
i use O(n^3) algorthm?, but my program always WA 11, What is test 11? xurshid_n1143. Electric Path22 Aug 2009 16:050  
To Admin : Why my program has WA 1 ? I tried the sample by myself it always gave the same answer as in sampleTeam CHANT - The TESTER1143. Electric Path23 Jul 2009 12:234  
what is test 14?LiWang1123581143. Electric Path20 Jul 2009 18:490  
DP in O(n^2)tjj1143. Electric Path11 Oct 2008 17:433  
why wa#2? please helpOlly1143. Electric Path17 Aug 2007 13:0715  
How to speed it?Victor Barinov (TNU)1143. Electric Path30 Aug 2005 15:460  
Problem 1143 "Electric Path". New tests were added to this problem. All ACs will be rejudged soon (-)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1143. Electric Path27 Jul 2005 14:130  
Why is the answer 50.210??Fechete Dan Ionut[dany]1143. Electric Path10 Jul 2005 17:222  
My programm(O(n^2)) and use only 41 kb.Khramov Egor(9 class)1143. Electric Path11 Jun 2005 01:570  
Greedy Works.......Erwin Yang1143. Electric Path27 Oct 2004 13:291  
DP O(n^2), why wa on test #9?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1143. Electric Path5 Aug 2004 10:014  
It's not very hard to make a O(N^2) algorithm...Fu Jieyun1143. Electric Path5 Apr 2004 18:210  
How to slove it with DP? O(n^3)??tbtbtb911143. Electric Path5 Apr 2004 10:583  
does this problem want to find minimum spanning treeTheBlaNK1143. Electric Path15 Apr 2003 20:373  
Isn't this problem NP-complete ?Alyosha Popovich1143. Electric Path22 Mar 2003 16:324  

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