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Discussion of Problem 1144. The Emperor's Riddle

solutionwangbicheng11144. The Emperor's Riddle13 Nov 2015 09:220  
4 MB Java 1.7?raggzy1144. The Emperor's Riddle4 Apr 2014 04:381  
HintСеровиков Андрей1144. The Emperor's Riddle21 Apr 2013 02:430  
StatementYermak1144. The Emperor's Riddle17 Nov 2012 05:440  
Any fast solutions?YSYMYTH1144. The Emperor's Riddle14 Aug 2012 15:400  
Algoxurshid_n1144. The Emperor's Riddle27 Mar 2012 13:291  
K's meaningHuang WenHao1144. The Emperor's Riddle19 Nov 2010 21:382  
A very nice DP problem.My algorithm is the best of all,it's only O(n*m).Blue cat1144. The Emperor's Riddle2 Sep 2010 18:336  
I can't memorize, but somone said that it's NP - problem...?Nemets Ilya1144. The Emperor's Riddle17 Aug 2009 08:575  
What is bound for K?Partisan1144. The Emperor's Riddle19 Jun 2009 17:130  
AC at long last =)Burunduk11144. The Emperor's Riddle14 Sep 2008 02:240  
Could a general get nothing?Cheryl1144. The Emperor's Riddle19 Jun 2006 18:340  
People, give me some hint, please, please, please !!!!!!ILTK!1144. The Emperor's Riddle15 Aug 2005 22:510  
Stupid ProblemILTK!1144. The Emperor's Riddle28 Jul 2005 19:110  
Can anyone give me the solution that's DP?plg1144. The Emperor's Riddle14 Jun 2003 18:330  
Does this problem has a deterministic polynomial solution? If such solution exists, can anybody send it to me (ioi@list.ru)Antonina Baskova1144. The Emperor's Riddle2 Dec 2002 15:492  
And once again: What means K?GhostII1144. The Emperor's Riddle12 Nov 2002 22:100  
A very nice DP problem.My algorithm is the best of all,it's only O(n*m).Blue cat1144. The Emperor's Riddle6 Nov 2002 06:541  
What is k??????King Without Kingdom1144. The Emperor's Riddle12 Aug 2002 17:102  
Someone could help me :| with this problem...(+)Miguel Angel1144. The Emperor's Riddle18 Jun 2002 08:000  

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