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Discussion of Problem 1145. Rope in the Labyrinth

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why runtime error ? please point out my mistakeMoksedur Rahman Sohan1145. Rope in the Labyrinth17 Dec 2019 03:421  
Hintdie_young1145. Rope in the Labyrinth11 Jul 2018 00:191  
If you have WA13shardex1145. Rope in the Labyrinth2 Oct 2017 22:071  
Don't be such a careless fool like meMahilewets1145. Rope in the Labyrinth11 May 2017 12:451  
If the size of matriz is 3...GastonFontenla1145. Rope in the Labyrinth16 Jan 2017 09:152  
Problem 1145 "Rope in the Labyrinth" has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1145. Rope in the Labyrinth4 Mar 2016 21:482  
be carefullsobhan_cp1145. Rope in the Labyrinth15 Jul 2013 18:511  
I got WA 2 and don't know what's my mistake.. my solutions seems right.. here is the CODEGiorgi Pataraia [Tbilisi SU]1145. Rope in the Labyrinth26 Apr 2012 19:171  
Why WA#13Proba1145. Rope in the Labyrinth18 Nov 2011 23:572  
Weak testsFyodor Menshikov1145. Rope in the Labyrinth14 Nov 2011 21:375  
Help me!AXIS1145. Rope in the Labyrinth1 Jan 2011 16:1114  
Tricky solutionKALO1145. Rope in the Labyrinth29 Jul 2009 04:481  
Can this be done with O(N) memory ?Chen Tsung1145. Rope in the Labyrinth21 Aug 2008 17:203  
WA1Eustas1145. Rope in the Labyrinth21 Aug 2008 12:371  
How to avoid TL?misha1145. Rope in the Labyrinth4 Aug 2008 13:356  
SampleSandro (USU)1145. Rope in the Labyrinth15 Jun 2006 20:343  
help!!! WHY MLE!!!TOHA-B1145. Rope in the Labyrinth26 Aug 2005 17:3311  
I think this is a good problem.I try hard to compress the memory and use a maths way to prove my algorithm is right.At last,I got AC.Yu YuanMing1145. Rope in the Labyrinth24 Jul 2005 10:452  
Why CE????Danica Porobic1145. Rope in the Labyrinth23 Jun 2004 18:065  
I get TL. I've worked hard at my algorithm, but I still was getting WA. Can anybody help me to optimize my program, please(+)Nazarov Denis (nsc2001@rambler.ru)1145. Rope in the Labyrinth29 Jan 2002 20:452  

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