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Discussion of Problem 1146. Maximum Sum

I know there O(N^3) solution, but how to get 0.001s ??xurshid_n1146. Maximum Sum7 Nov 2019 21:191  
Getting wrong answer for test case #3Aakanksha Sharma1146. Maximum Sum3 Sep 2019 16:440  
Is it possible to solve the problem with Python?Edmonton1146. Maximum Sum20 Aug 2019 00:250  
Some HintLocomotive1146. Maximum Sum20 Nov 2018 21:485  
WA#2Zhanibek1146. Maximum Sum26 Dec 2017 10:590  
Is O(n^3) solution - DP one?SupremeEntropy1146. Maximum Sum25 Jul 2017 23:182  
This is WEIRD iOli1146. Maximum Sum28 Jun 2017 13:202  
WA 4. Can anybody give some tests. You can see my code.Minayev {SESC USU}1146. Maximum Sum16 Oct 2016 18:521  
if WA#8liushujia1146. Maximum Sum15 Apr 2016 13:467  
WOW! AC 0.296, 237 KB O(n^4) works! Can U describe me O(n^3) solution?Alexey1146. Maximum Sum25 Mar 2016 19:135  
WA 5Artem1146. Maximum Sum11 Nov 2015 06:332  
o(n^4) ACCEPTED!!! 0.078 sTemirbay Miras1146. Maximum Sum6 Nov 2015 02:111  
One more test (about WA4)FatalityNT1146. Maximum Sum1 Nov 2015 13:311  
Hi, everybody! Can you explain me, what is the #9 test?AndrKonin1146. Maximum Sum12 Oct 2015 21:352  
there is a solution with almost O(n)maxi1146. Maximum Sum29 Apr 2015 20:501  
Does anybody have O(n^2) algorithm ?hkss1146. Maximum Sum20 Mar 2015 15:121  
I've AC in O^4,but I wonder if there is a O^3 waybbs.hasea.com1146. Maximum Sum19 May 2013 18:584  
WA3. O(N^2) solutionAndrew Sboev1146. Maximum Sum10 Mar 2013 18:052  
How my O(n^4) solution got AC.Raman Gupta1146. Maximum Sum26 Dec 2012 21:312  
WA#11ROHAN GULATI1146. Maximum Sum14 Nov 2012 19:130  

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