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Discussion of Problem 1147. Shaping Regions

Share the testsIrysskin1147. Shaping Regions1 Dec 2017 19:310  
A good optimize!moji1147. Shaping Regions16 Aug 2013 21:070  
WA or RE or TLE #4Vyacheslav Kim1147. Shaping Regions4 May 2012 17:080  
Problem 1147 "Shaping Regions". Timelimit changedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1147. Shaping Regions4 May 2012 14:390  
N^2*log N solution gets TLEVitalii Arbuzov1147. Shaping Regions9 Apr 2011 00:420  
use heap, no RB tree!!!hoan1147. Shaping Regions17 Dec 2010 18:030  
Who knew Test 11, my program always WA?xurshid_n1147. Shaping Regions8 Mar 2010 21:360  
Why MLE??cloudygooose1147. Shaping Regions4 Aug 2009 19:382  
What kind of tests were added? I have WA#17, but USACO works!Alexey1147. Shaping Regions12 Aug 2008 23:401  
Input rangesnordom1147. Shaping Regions12 Aug 2008 23:391  
I know right n*n*logn solution. But how solve this problem faster?Grebnov Ilya[Ivanovo SPU]1147. Shaping Regions12 Aug 2008 23:374  
What is the correct answer for this test?Alexey1147. Shaping Regions8 Nov 2006 17:223  
A wide and B long is not clear!Turtle1147. Shaping Regions8 Nov 2006 17:171  
Hi, I got AC with N*N*logN too, but there's a beautiful Algo with recursive...Pham Hung Son1147. Shaping Regions28 Jun 2006 19:042  
Help, WA#17! USACO works. Timus doesn't work.Alexey1147. Shaping Regions6 Apr 2006 21:400  
Problem 1147 "Shaping Regions". New tests were added (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1147. Shaping Regions21 Nov 2005 02:140  
to ADMINsACM.Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1147. Shaping Regions1 Oct 2005 03:042  
My algorithm in worst case is O(n^3).But it seem to be impossible to appear. So the average time is O(n^2),and I got AC in 0.046sec.Yu YuanMing1147. Shaping Regions16 Jun 2005 07:425  
I use a variation of segment tree--square tree, dividing each node into 4 instead of 2. Complexity O(n*(logn)^2). I got AC on USACO at 1.45s, but it's MLE. And I suspect I shall get TLE if I use O(n^2*logn). (+)Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1147. Shaping Regions9 Jun 2005 15:197  
Weird Overlapping problemdimroed1147. Shaping Regions31 Mar 2005 20:342  

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