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Discussion of Problem 1148. Building Towers

Damned solutionandreyDagger`~1148. Building Towers15 Jul 2023 01:290  
Finebdzxt1148. Building Towers24 Mar 2017 18:481  
Is it possible to beat MLE with c#?AIT1148. Building Towers18 Dec 2012 02:162  
Please, write correct answer for testQQQQ1148. Building Towers22 May 2012 13:072  
C# crashAutumnSky1148. Building Towers28 Apr 2012 03:410  
no subjectIGOR_Lviv NU1148. Building Towers16 Oct 2009 02:580  
Who can help me?bobchennan1148. Building Towers10 Jul 2009 15:350  
How to solve this problem?ftc1148. Building Towers15 Dec 2008 19:001  
=(Teacher301148. Building Towers28 Sep 2008 23:110  
Minor fixDenis Koshman1148. Building Towers13 Sep 2008 21:482  
Java MLEDWED1148. Building Towers15 Aug 2008 03:071  
Problem 1148 "Building Towers" has been rejudged (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1148. Building Towers24 Oct 2006 19:220  
How to solve it fast?Burunduk11148. Building Towers15 Mar 2006 15:223  
The memory limit make it a really good problem:)Yu Yuanming1148. Building Towers28 Dec 2005 19:451  
This problem is a bit complicated....Hurricane_NET1148. Building Towers4 Dec 2005 16:170  
Why should my program get Fail(Compilation)?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1148. Building Towers3 Aug 2005 20:421  
Who can help me ?ChenShi @ZSU1148. Building Towers28 Apr 2004 09:454  
Could anybody tell my why does my program get ML?(+)shitty.Mishka1148. Building Towers15 Aug 2002 01:542  
How many K's can be thereGeorgi Tsankov1148. Building Towers1 Apr 2002 17:430  
I can't help doing it though I'm very busy these days.It quite an splendid mathimatical problem.Huang Yizheng1148. Building Towers27 Jan 2002 16:420  

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