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Discussion of Problem 1149. Sinus Dances

Much bigger C code but efficient I guess(Execution time:0.015sec;Memory:140 kB)Fahim shahriyar1149. Sinus Dances29 Oct 2020 21:180  
Easiest way to solve this problem [C++ code with command].Akash1149. Sinus Dances25 Aug 2020 00:411  
okay did it! =)kswati.arcturus@gmail.com1149. Sinus Dances4 Jul 2020 20:390  
ENDLINEtexa_hero1149. Sinus Dances2 May 2020 00:530  
why i get wrong in test case 2?Sakib Ahamed Khan1149. Sinus Dances29 Feb 2020 17:260  
C#Faxfox1149. Sinus Dances28 Nov 2019 11:480  
why Compilation errorNima Naderi1149. Sinus Dances12 Aug 2019 13:131  
what is wa 3? here is my code!john1149. Sinus Dances23 Jun 2019 02:440  
please give me some more testsBerlin1149. Sinus Dances16 Feb 2019 18:052  
Nice recursive functions† Ленин † [Yaroslavl SU]1149. Sinus Dances11 Oct 2018 12:302  
I have stupid WA2??? Can you give me some tests?Alibi1149. Sinus Dances11 Mar 2018 19:303  
"Ordinary" minus '-' from ASCII set is OK.Mahilewets1149. Sinus Dances20 Jun 2017 22:500  
Maybe correct name for that problem is "SINE dance"?Mahilewets1149. Sinus Dances21 Apr 2017 22:510  
Simple SolutionShaft1149. Sinus Dances22 Oct 2016 16:421  
Accepted N=11 Test AnswerTARASHI {Kutaisi SU3} (Georgia)1149. Sinus Dances11 Sep 2016 02:140  
Я правильно понял условие? От нас ведь этого ждут?Alexandr1149. Sinus Dances25 Mar 2016 13:332  
Why am I getting WA1 even though it is giving correct answer when I run in my terminal?bluestar1149. Sinus Dances9 Jul 2015 01:090  
whGeorgy Mogafk1149. Sinus Dances15 Nov 2014 23:340  
here my c code Sunnat1149. Sinus Dances25 Apr 2014 13:261  
adviseDoston1149. Sinus Dances29 Aug 2013 22:350  

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