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Discussion of Problem 1150. Page Numbers

I got it by precalc, but wanna know smart solutionApkawa1150. Page Numbers10 Oct 2023 12:331  
No maths neededmouse_wireless21150. Page Numbers26 Oct 2020 20:211  
Задачаa2ch1150. Page Numbers24 Aug 2020 22:120  
Some tests which will help during a program debug...(+)Ivasyuk Roman [KPSU] (onlinehunter@gmail.com)1150. Page Numbers31 Oct 2019 18:513  
Help! Why do I get WA?zhou MX1150. Page Numbers25 Nov 2018 19:423  
shitty problem but i like himag2cidk1150. Page Numbers4 Jul 2018 23:170  
what is test#1??Xiaohan Yu1150. Page Numbers10 May 2017 22:471  
Bad tests!Vlad Veselov1150. Page Numbers20 Mar 2015 23:021  
Very Nice ProblemLocomotive1150. Page Numbers8 Jan 2015 18:349  
why, i get compile errorXMAN1150. Page Numbers30 Jul 2010 04:241  
Help me!Vlad1150. Page Numbers30 Apr 2010 22:371  
Some hints about "Digits" problem ;))nullman1150. Page Numbers4 Sep 2009 18:372  
NO.5!!☞ⓩⓢⓨⓩ™ⓣⓔⓢⓣ☜1150. Page Numbers18 Mar 2009 10:340  
from TC. To admins.Tchurov_Tim (PomorSU)1150. Page Numbers3 Mar 2009 11:071  
Which compiler are using.....Anand Kumar1150. Page Numbers5 Jan 2007 15:381  
s.o. to test this ??Black^n^White1150. Page Numbers5 Oct 2006 23:181  
The tests have problem.Gansh Kong1150. Page Numbers5 Aug 2006 19:150  
How to count zeroes?Sbreg1150. Page Numbers16 Aug 2003 22:171  
Would you like to tell me why I got WA using this source code?lyj_george1150. Page Numbers6 Feb 2002 15:171  
Why I get WA? Pelase, help me!!!!!!! Gave me any hints!!Happy New Year! Russia.1150. Page Numbers16 Jan 2002 20:472  

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