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Discussion of Problem 1151. Radiobeacons

GOOD HINTFelix_Mate1151. Radiobeacons29 Sep 2017 21:300  
Tests are fixedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1151. Radiobeacons7 Feb 2016 14:560  
WA #2ile1151. Radiobeacons23 Oct 2015 19:022  
Why WA 5?kvsmirnov1151. Radiobeacons22 Jun 2015 19:030  
Tests are inconsistentBaz1151. Radiobeacons8 Feb 2014 17:190  
To admins: "strange" radiobeaconsAlexey Shmelev [NNSU]1151. Radiobeacons4 Oct 2012 01:571  
Good Testbsu.mmf.team1151. Radiobeacons25 Jul 2012 13:432  
Why I got WA on #15?HJ1151. Radiobeacons4 Sep 2010 21:331  
WA 12, what's wrong ?Alias (Alexander Prudaev)1151. Radiobeacons4 Sep 2010 21:322  
Help , please . How to read string in this problem ???A.Ferdinand1151. Radiobeacons27 Aug 2010 05:122  
my code too too long. whoever AC this problem can tell how long your code is?Tim Green1151. Radiobeacons27 Aug 2010 05:021  
HintVasilySlesarev1151. Radiobeacons7 Jul 2009 22:091  
Problem 1151 "Radiobeacons" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1151. Radiobeacons3 Jun 2009 01:540  
Who can explain me the problem,I think maybe I misunderstand it.ABCDEFG1151. Radiobeacons12 Apr 2005 19:335  
Is sample output correct?Danica Porobic1151. Radiobeacons17 Jul 2004 15:050  
What are the ranges of coordinates and M?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1151. Radiobeacons11 Jul 2004 21:121  
Can two beacons be at the same place?Can a beacon and a checkpoint be at the same place?Lin1151. Radiobeacons9 Mar 2003 12:441  
Why I got "wrong answer"? This is the program.Can anyone help me?Lin1151. Radiobeacons3 Oct 2002 15:160  
Can any one give me some testdata of 1151?Thanks!!The Answer1151. Radiobeacons23 Jan 2002 07:530  

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