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Discussion of Problem 1152. False Mirrors

Lazy DP + Hash B)IlyaGrebenyuk1152. False Mirrors4 Dec 2020 11:530  
Optimize my recursion solutionHadji1152. False Mirrors9 Oct 2020 17:360  
How to get AC with 0.02 s (mine is 0.7 s)??(-)Miguel Angel1152. False Mirrors28 Nov 2019 15:206  
strange recursionGleb1152. False Mirrors17 Aug 2018 12:040  
WA #8BZz131152. False Mirrors27 Jun 2016 15:590  
How to DP without Bitmarkyeguzi1152. False Mirrors20 May 2016 13:420  
TLArseniy1152. False Mirrors1 May 2016 01:031  
Tried all cases posted here but still getting WA3.Gautam Singh1152. False Mirrors25 Aug 2015 12:370  
Получил АС, но время 0.7Felix_Mate1152. False Mirrors3 Aug 2015 15:500  
Solution for larger inputmylyanyk.ivan[Lviv_NU]1152. False Mirrors24 Jan 2014 14:312  
Recursion ?ZamNick1152. False Mirrors22 Jan 2014 03:530  
WA #4Elmi Ehmedov1152. False Mirrors4 Apr 2013 13:102  
WA 12Md. Taufique Hussain1152. False Mirrors21 Mar 2013 22:410  
Solution)))nobik1152. False Mirrors20 Jun 2012 16:490  
why wa test 7 ?Charm1152. False Mirrors7 Dec 2011 15:290  
could anyone help me??jlcastrillon1152. False Mirrors8 May 2011 11:400  
Is there any trick?Junjie Liang1152. False Mirrors12 Dec 2010 06:105  
Help me pleaseeee!(гоша1152. False Mirrors20 Aug 2009 14:000  
I solved using DP, time=0.125, memory=4MVasilySlesarev1152. False Mirrors5 Jul 2009 17:481  
Some testsTural Neymanov1152. False Mirrors4 Aug 2008 13:560  

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