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Discussion of Problem 1156. Two Rounds

If you have WA or TLE on #8Amon1156. Two Rounds12 Aug 2021 16:400  
if you get wa, try this test, maybe will help youHuang WenHao1156. Two Rounds18 May 2021 17:403  
TESTbuyolitsez1156. Two Rounds3 Sep 2019 09:220  
WA 3 too...Combatcook1156. Two Rounds26 Jul 2016 16:172  
ADMINS: WEAK TEST CASESGastonFontenla1156. Two Rounds12 Jun 2016 13:511  
If you have WA9...(+)Dart MirzMan C++ Edition (Mirzoyan Alexey, Rybinsk SAAT)1156. Two Rounds14 Oct 2015 11:045  
Test7 is correct??? Korotkevich Piotr1156. Two Rounds19 Jul 2014 15:431  
HELP!!! TLE in #9garnett1156. Two Rounds10 Nov 2013 13:160  
I use Dynamic Prog. May Be It's wrong. Help with test or hint, please. WA#3Alexey1156. Two Rounds25 Sep 2013 23:006  
chorti amocanaaAvtandil Goqadze1156. Two Rounds25 Jun 2013 03:141  
WA#3 again...pasha1156. Two Rounds22 Mar 2013 18:320  
Whats wrong.Help with test 8!!Серовиков Андрей1156. Two Rounds8 Jul 2012 18:212  
..KALO1156. Two Rounds17 Sep 2011 22:331  
WA3. Plz Help Me.Programmer1156. Two Rounds25 Sep 2010 20:444  
WA #3. Take pity! Give me this test...ashim1156. Two Rounds17 Sep 2010 02:290  
help!WA#2sokoL[TSOGU™]1156. Two Rounds4 Dec 2009 23:450  
Anybody know why wa4?tiancaihb1156. Two Rounds18 Sep 2009 15:111  
WA#3@ntiFreeze1156. Two Rounds4 Jan 2009 18:567  
for the one who got WAGnocuil1156. Two Rounds8 Nov 2008 15:331  
I Wa on Test 9, Is there anytining special?Cheryl1156. Two Rounds22 Sep 2008 18:441  

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