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Discussion of Problem 1159. Fence

Wa3 + some advicesGleb1159. Fence31 Jul 2018 20:290  
Max testsChitanda Eru1159. Fence17 Mar 2017 15:370  
Funny.Mukhametianov Den [USU]1159. Fence17 Mar 2017 15:322  
A useful testPong Eksombatchai1159. Fence28 Aug 2011 05:360  
upper bound for binary search? why n*(sum of lengths) work?muhammad1159. Fence10 Apr 2011 13:530  
Test 1Giorgi Shavgulidze [Tbilisi SU]1159. Fence27 Mar 2011 03:330  
My God! How to solve it???????????????????/Test41159. Fence21 May 2010 18:562  
What is the answer for test(4 blocks):"4 3 5 20 24"? Is it "76.13" or not?Nazarov Denis (nsc2001@rambler.ru)1159. Fence7 May 2009 14:051  
Ha Ha Ha ~~ I have got the data of this problem !Curapica1159. Fence4 Oct 2005 07:153  
heh, you'll have got a lot of troubles with accuracyKrayev Alexey(PSU-Again)1159. Fence4 Aug 2005 14:200  
How to prove that all the vertices of the max-area polygon share the same circle?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1159. Fence23 Oct 2004 04:560  
who can help me???i've got WA for mant timescoma1159. Fence12 Jun 2003 13:450  
Can someone help me with this problem? :) (-)Miguel Angel1159. Fence12 May 2003 13:562  
Why cannot we use asin, atan, or acos?? [just asinl .. ] (-)Miguel Angel1159. Fence2 Dec 2002 03:012  
Why I get WA? Pelase, help me!!!!!!! (+)Nazarov Denis (nsc2001@rambler.ru)1159. Fence1 Feb 2002 19:210  
Thanks for Rybak Michael's help.He is kind hearted.Huang Yizheng1159. Fence21 Jan 2002 05:210  
The blocks are used to be erected or put horizontally?The height of the block is useful or useless?Huang Yizheng1159. Fence21 Dec 2001 13:310  
Can anybody explain this problem to me(or email to:"hyz12345678@163.com"),how can the board be cut and enclosure to a fence?Huang Yizheng1159. Fence21 Dec 2001 13:260  
What does this problem mean?I'm confused.Huang Yizheng1159. Fence21 Dec 2001 13:252  
How to do it?help!blue dog1159. Fence21 Dec 2001 13:190  

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