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Discussion of Problem 1162. Currency Exchange

help, i have a question on test 9..liuhy1162. Currency Exchange4 Oct 2023 18:355  
WA on test 10, ac on pojtahara1162. Currency Exchange6 Oct 2017 18:210  
Good problem!wangbicheng11162. Currency Exchange11 Nov 2015 17:080  
I do not understand an sample. help, pleasealp1162. Currency Exchange23 Nov 2012 16:213  
why i'm stucking at 9#point?any data can be showed?asdffdsauiui1162. Currency Exchange11 Nov 2010 08:530  
Very easy problem)Quiet WOLF1162. Currency Exchange30 Aug 2008 23:312  
Why simple algorithm using Bellman-Ford is WA-ing on 10?acid1162. Currency Exchange28 Dec 2006 16:516  
Any hint? How to solve it with shortest path?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1162. Currency Exchange23 Jun 2006 14:129  
Nice present for New Year. My AC 0.001s and only 660 bytes.(+ first attempt).ACM.Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1162. Currency Exchange2 Jan 2006 02:050  
I have one test, on which your AC programs may give incorrect answer (which use Belman-Ford mainly).(+)Kit1162. Currency Exchange7 Jul 2005 12:230  
What's wrong with my code? Give me any hint, please!Wrong Limit Acces Violation1162. Currency Exchange4 Apr 2005 20:581  
I got AC in the end. Just find the maximum way.Yu YuanMing1162. Currency Exchange2 Jul 2004 17:520  
What's wrong with my program (Pascal)? Need help or some AC tests!Alien1162. Currency Exchange26 Feb 2003 16:581  
What's wrong with my program? Please,help me!!!Nazarov Denis (nsc2001@rambler.ru)1162. Currency Exchange13 Jan 2002 22:124  
I wonder why the difficulty of this problem is so high,I think this problem is rather easy.(Email:"hyz12345678@163.com")Huang Yizheng1162. Currency Exchange20 Dec 2001 18:171  

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