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Discussion of Problem 1164. Fillword

What if I tell you that you don't need to find words placementsFatalityNT1164. Fillword25 Mar 2021 01:130  
I have AC. I am interested in another method of solution. Mahilewets1164. Fillword15 Jul 2017 21:562  
Why WA?Here is my program can anybody help me :(mariam kupatadze1164. Fillword6 May 2017 22:331  
To adminsTimur Sitdikov (MSU TB)1164. Fillword11 Dec 2014 19:401  
will any body help me? I am OLEmahbubul1164. Fillword10 Dec 2011 12:051  
Some hintLadik Artem1164. Fillword7 Nov 2010 02:300  
HELP PLEASE! WA#8!BlackShark1164. Fillword28 Apr 2009 11:482  
WA#8 mapron1164. Fillword3 Oct 2008 14:231  
Can anyone explain me this problem in Russian???[SSAU_#617]snipious aka Pimenov Sergey Nikolaevich1164. Fillword8 Jan 2007 12:483  
Excuse me! who can help me to translate it into Chinese,thanks a lot!! :) sgzll1164. Fillword6 Jul 2006 09:454  
Can a single word be used for more that once?And does any of the word finding result(No matter leave how many letters,but until no word can be found) acceptable?Huang Yizheng1164. Fillword2 May 2005 16:511  
Is there any trick in test #10akademi1164. Fillword12 Mar 2005 21:071  
How to solve this kind of problems???(puzzles)Miguel Angel1164. Fillword12 Oct 2004 07:274  
Why I got WA?? Please HELP!!! (in C)555551164. Fillword30 Jul 2003 14:500  
Why I got WA!!!HelpHelpHelp!This is my grogram.Superthinker1164. Fillword24 Jul 2003 06:081  
I have got WA.What is wrong with my program?Tony1164. Fillword7 Oct 2002 15:160  
Why WA?! Avanesov1164. Fillword22 Mar 2002 20:182  
Ambiguous task... I think it should be cleared upGrigory Makeev1164. Fillword23 Jan 2002 21:501  
Sorry,I made some glaring errors in my program,so...But now it's accepted.Huang Yizheng1164. Fillword11 Dec 2001 07:090  
What does "find all the words on the grid" mean?It means all P words must be found,or all the words hiden on the grid must be found?Huang Yizheng1164. Fillword10 Dec 2001 17:330  

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