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Discussion of Problem 1165. Subnumber

help pleasedddddd1165. Subnumber15 Nov 2009 16:470  
Wa26 Why? I can't find any error!caoyuan96421165. Subnumber1 Oct 2009 21:030  
AC in 240 lines Cao Ziwen1165. Subnumber27 Apr 2009 13:383  
Test 21Fyodor Menshikov1165. Subnumber27 Apr 2009 13:360  
Some TestTestT1165. Subnumber12 Aug 2008 22:543  
You can find the tests of this problem on the ACM Ipsc siteGheorghe Stefan1165. Subnumber2 Jun 2008 21:252  
Who can help ma on this problem?Accept_Man1165. Subnumber2 Jun 2008 21:1913  
Who can tell me the way to make the solution faster?nickolas stoudemire1165. Subnumber8 Dec 2007 18:312  
Crashmj2561165. Subnumber9 Aug 2007 11:210  
Why WA on test #9 ?Black^n^White1165. Subnumber8 Jan 2007 16:211  
This problem is really difficult,in algorithm,implementation and debug.It cost me half a day to design the program and two hours debug.Huang Yizheng1165. Subnumber25 Oct 2006 00:041  
If input '000612300000', what's the output?TestT1165. Subnumber4 Apr 2005 12:371  
Test 1 - Test 7TestT1165. Subnumber3 Apr 2005 17:320  
Can anybody make my prog fast?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1165. Subnumber4 Jul 2004 04:420  
If input '9100', what's the output?gc0071165. Subnumber26 Feb 2003 17:391  
Help on 1165 . I tested my program with all the tests from Discuss and still WACalin Ciutu (ciutu@go.ro)1165. Subnumber11 Feb 2003 20:010  
Why WA?Evgeny1165. Subnumber10 Jan 2003 09:351  
Wrong Anser: BUT I checked with the test data on this site....correct....Teh Ming Han1165. Subnumber22 Oct 2002 20:081  
need helpdaizi sheng(from USTC)1165. Subnumber16 Oct 2002 15:090  
Tell me why??????????? WA!!!!!!!Levin1165. Subnumber15 Oct 2002 15:342  

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