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Discussion of Problem 1167. Bicolored Horses

Here is my, well commented, O(n^3) solution for referenceAbhishek Gupta1167. Bicolored Horses22 May 2022 10:190  
getting TLE with pythonYash Sinha1167. Bicolored Horses28 Sep 2020 14:260  
Does there exist any O(n^2) solution to this problem?sak3t1167. Bicolored Horses13 Dec 2017 18:460  
Why WA? (my solution included) So... Simply say what traps are in this problem. PLEASE!Igor Zubchenok (Belarus SU)1167. Bicolored Horses24 Sep 2017 19:284  
WA15,hintLLL1167. Bicolored Horses28 Sep 2016 17:170  
Tip for WA2 - wrong limitsJuve451167. Bicolored Horses17 Sep 2016 14:210  
Got my AC with C++ solution, the same Python3 solution gets TL2renat-nasyrov1167. Bicolored Horses10 Aug 2016 20:311  
I use O(N^3) and got AC in 0.156, why??? hoan1167. Bicolored Horses23 Apr 2016 00:563  
java AC 1st placeesbybb1167. Bicolored Horses12 Jul 2015 09:590  
n^2 tle?Vishal Sharma1167. Bicolored Horses12 Jun 2014 18:110  
Some hintsvg20031167. Bicolored Horses21 Mar 2014 05:530  
CAN ANYONE TELL ME TEST#2?? GREEDY STRATEGYAshwin Kumar1167. Bicolored Horses30 Dec 2013 14:380  
So why n^3 algo can finish in 0.078s?tiancaihb1167. Bicolored Horses18 Jun 2013 13:472  
I wonder why somebody passed it only used less than 0.1 sec !XueMao1167. Bicolored Horses11 May 2013 23:094  
Why my solution WA#1? Help Me! Thanks!pswgoo1167. Bicolored Horses15 Jan 2013 09:350  
Could you give me some tests??? I have WA#1!!! PLEASE!!!!!BOyKA1167. Bicolored Horses15 Nov 2012 12:070  
Why my algorithm WA #2?vietlong1167. Bicolored Horses11 Aug 2011 17:041  
I Wondermuhammad1167. Bicolored Horses25 May 2010 20:360  
my algo with O(N) get WA#1!!Bobur1167. Bicolored Horses30 Jan 2009 02:581  
I need helpMihran Hovsepyan {2 kurs of <RAU>}1167. Bicolored Horses17 Oct 2008 22:272  

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