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Discussion of Problem 1171. Lost in Space

I have WA#1!!!{AESC USU} Evgeny Kurpilyanskij1171. Lost in Space18 Aug 2018 07:111  
Who has any idea on what's special about test 4? I've been debugging for days and have no clues.Xifan1171. Lost in Space3 Jul 2018 12:490  
Xyz,you're excellent,how can you solve this problem in only 0.25sec,300K memory.Can you help me?I find it's a NP problem.(email:"hyz12345678@163.com")Huang Yizheng1171. Lost in Space4 Oct 2011 21:2310  
After hours of hard work, I got AC.(+)Yu Yuanming1171. Lost in Space4 Oct 2011 17:221  
Help ! WA on #6 (with three hours debuging , but still can find where it's wrong)liuyang_elvis1171. Lost in Space24 Oct 2010 19:560  
Very nice problem! Thanks to author!Oracle[Lviv NU]1171. Lost in Space22 May 2010 21:010  
Always WA On test 4davidsun1171. Lost in Space3 Nov 2007 13:541  
Strange!!! when n<=15 my program always right but when n=16 than answers a little large than right answer8848mzy1171. Lost in Space6 May 2005 11:320  
Re: It's not a NP problem, my algorithm is O(n) - I have answers to all your questions :) 26 Dec 2001 08:04Zhou Yuan1171. Lost in Space7 Aug 2002 15:380  
Thanks for xyz's help.He is always a kind man.I finnally got accepted.If anybody has difficulty in this problem,I'm very glad to help them.(Email:hyz12345678@163.com)Huang Yizheng1171. Lost in Space3 Jan 2002 13:580  
Could anyone tell me why do I get WA? Here's my program.shitty.Mishka1171. Lost in Space26 Dec 2001 18:476  
Could you please tell me the correct answer for this test case...shitty.Mishka1171. Lost in Space24 Dec 2001 21:115  

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