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Discussion of Problem 1173. Lazy Snail

Why I always WA on text 2?beststu1173. Lazy Snail18 Nov 2015 20:242  
Your first test is not sample. (-XraY-1173. Lazy Snail22 Apr 2013 14:491  
Problem 1173 "Lazy Snail" has been rejudgedSandro (USU)1173. Lazy Snail22 Apr 2013 02:110  
Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?Marko Tintor (marko@pkj.co.yu)1173. Lazy Snail27 Nov 2010 23:581  
why I got WA?qwt1173. Lazy Snail27 Nov 2010 23:572  
It doesn'e need convexhull. Sorting is enough!shrek1173. Lazy Snail27 Nov 2010 23:563  
† ADMINS †Anatoliy 'Tolyan_NO' Tolstobroff1173. Lazy Snail27 Aug 2005 03:084  
It seems to me that either test incorrect or checker is invalidKrayev Alexey(PSU-Again)1173. Lazy Snail11 Aug 2005 19:260  
There is one more idea can bring AC. My program build convex hull (-)Kit1173. Lazy Snail13 Jul 2005 21:020  
How to solve this problem? it seems very difficult!!!Colin1173. Lazy Snail25 Oct 2004 15:502  
I think this is a good problem.My algorithm is O(nlogn).Yu YuanMing1173. Lazy Snail3 Jul 2004 18:090  
why i got WA ? who can help me?ruwelcome1173. Lazy Snail29 Apr 2003 12:210  
Whats wrong with my algorithm or code?Locomotive1173. Lazy Snail14 Feb 2003 00:224  
At Last i found my error anyone want to change his slon with mine my idea is here:Locomotive1173. Lazy Snail14 Feb 2003 00:190  
What's wrong with my program?Please help me!xzl1173. Lazy Snail15 Mar 2002 11:321  
Why I get WA? Pelase, help me!!!!!!!Happy New Year! Russia.1173. Lazy Snail15 Mar 2002 11:265  
Why do I get WA?Alexandru Mosoi1173. Lazy Snail25 Jan 2002 18:102  

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