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Discussion of Problem 1176. Hyperchannels

Can anybody explain? I was reciving WA3 but after revercing my output data I get AC. Why?Виталий Черков1176. Hyperchannels15 Aug 2016 03:192  
No subjectFelix_Mate1176. Hyperchannels20 Dec 2015 00:480  
RUNTIME ERROR #12 ???chanfaiwtf1176. Hyperchannels11 Sep 2015 12:470  
AC with Visual C++ 2010, yet TLE 14 with G++ 4.9?!Kirill Nikonov1176. Hyperchannels6 Jan 2015 19:030  
Why this answer is not correct????Opportunity1176. Hyperchannels20 Jun 2013 13:110  
TLEIgorKoval(from Pskov)1176. Hyperchannels24 Mar 2012 00:220  
Is my algo correct?Lebedev_Nicolay[Ivanovo SPU]1176. Hyperchannels22 Mar 2010 11:121  
Crash on 13 testOlympic Bear (Nikolay Dubchuk)1176. Hyperchannels24 May 2008 17:330  
AC and WA#3dimozzz1176. Hyperchannels18 Apr 2008 02:373  
Crash on 2nd testNeyrohirurg1176. Hyperchannels27 Mar 2007 00:010  
STACK OVERFLOW???RAVEman1176. Hyperchannels19 Mar 2007 19:061  
hint'sACM.Tolstobrov_Anatoliy[Ivanovo SPU]1176. Hyperchannels30 Sep 2006 13:291  
AC in 0. 3 sec and 773k! Although it isn't a very hard problem,it did difficult for pascal to got AC.I had got ML for more than 10 time...Yu YuanMing1176. Hyperchannels29 Jun 2005 08:204  
Does the Eulerian cycle always exist?Teragram1176. Hyperchannels2 Jun 2005 18:293  
Question (+)Roman Lipovsky1176. Hyperchannels13 Mar 2005 09:541  
WA on #3, help please, MLE on #12Danica Porobic1176. Hyperchannels16 Jul 2004 19:552  
I got wa on test#3...Any trick???tbtbtb1176. Hyperchannels22 Apr 2004 19:087  
I always get WA. Can someone give me a test? This is my program.Metal King1176. Hyperchannels20 Mar 2003 23:470  
Simple DY-algo gets AC within 1 sec. :) (-)Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1176. Hyperchannels28 Feb 2003 10:073  
What is incorrect in this program???Please give me a test on which it failsKing Without Kingdom1176. Hyperchannels22 Jul 2002 02:460  

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