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Discussion of Problem 1182. Team Them Up!

WA Test 15arclite1182. Team Them Up!9 Mar 2019 18:370  
I have a test and an AC (greedy) program, that gives WA on my testvnikulin1182. Team Them Up!19 Feb 2016 19:374  
Thanks to authors!!! It's good problemFelix_Mate1182. Team Them Up!13 Sep 2015 12:340  
I couldn't find my bug on test 25kerpoo1182. Team Them Up!20 Aug 2015 17:260  
Is my idea correct?Roman Rubanenko1182. Team Them Up!13 Aug 2015 02:332  
Test #5Saad Taame1182. Team Them Up!7 Apr 2015 18:310  
Could anyone help me with my code?YSYMYTH1182. Team Them Up!24 May 2011 20:010  
Please Send me a test Pleaseeeeeeepetmaytee1182. Team Them Up!9 Apr 2011 20:040  
WA Test 25SK11182. Team Them Up!27 Oct 2010 17:3116  
Please Send Me Tests!sxcyd11182. Team Them Up!23 Oct 2010 08:260  
Tovarischi!!!! Help me Please!! I Get WA 43 !!! :(6yxa/\bl1182. Team Them Up!7 Jul 2009 00:453  
0.046s Accepted...Xie Xnot1182. Team Them Up!7 Feb 2009 22:000  
very very very good problem! :-)Rumter (2)1182. Team Them Up!1 Oct 2008 03:461  
Isn't 1182 nearly the same as 1156? ^_^Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1182. Team Them Up!1 Oct 2008 03:392  
Who Can Help ME?davidsun1182. Team Them Up!6 Mar 2007 15:261  
send me test pleasemmmmmm1182. Team Them Up!30 May 2006 14:550  
WA on test 25.... Please help meFailedWing1182. Team Them Up!9 Nov 2005 12:240  
I got WA#46. Please help me. Give me some test.Khramov Egor(9 class)1182. Team Them Up!15 Aug 2005 13:151  
I have problem with problem 1182Adam Slaski1182. Team Them Up!12 Sep 2004 22:555  
Please help correct my program.qiu liyin1182. Team Them Up!23 Jul 2003 09:510  

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