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Discussion of Problem 1183. Brackets Sequence

If you are having troubleurmat1183. Brackets Sequence26 Oct 2020 22:190  
Python3: memory recurcion accepted 0.15 [Hint]KostyaRychkov1183. Brackets Sequence26 Jun 2020 19:510  
3 times waabid17291183. Brackets Sequence20 Apr 2020 00:590  
problemMisha1183. Brackets Sequence25 Oct 2019 18:170  
WA#12dukhno1183. Brackets Sequence4 Dec 2018 00:512  
some hintshliu201183. Brackets Sequence16 Oct 2018 03:542  
yet one more dp solution explanationimaginary friend1183. Brackets Sequence16 Oct 2018 03:500  
If you've got WA#13,here is whyPredaBoss1183. Brackets Sequence25 Feb 2018 14:350  
No subjectKaliningrad SU -J_A_MES-HeadLiner1183. Brackets Sequence13 May 2017 22:117  
test for WA#8hoan1183. Brackets Sequence29 Jan 2017 06:376  
I have WA#11. please help me!{AESC USU} Evgeny Kurpilyanskij1183. Brackets Sequence17 Mar 2015 21:353  
test 8Ehsan Goharshady1183. Brackets Sequence18 Aug 2014 17:490  
What is Test 8?karan1183. Brackets Sequence28 Sep 2013 06:440  
why WA9?JavaTopCoder1183. Brackets Sequence19 Jun 2013 01:033  
Hint NeededA.061183. Brackets Sequence5 Apr 2013 20:260  
WA#13 It's unfairSid1183. Brackets Sequence4 May 2012 19:291  
why WA9???Elmi Ahmadov1183. Brackets Sequence6 Mar 2012 17:220  
Solutionaskhatik1183. Brackets Sequence26 Feb 2012 05:410  
Hint (if you have WA #9)elmariachi1414 (TNU)1183. Brackets Sequence29 Dec 2011 00:124  
DP solutionMSDN1183. Brackets Sequence26 Nov 2010 00:002  

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