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Discussion of Problem 1185. Wall

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WA 14Sirko1185. Wall14 Mar 2017 03:323  
similar to problem 1020 plus hint for #12kasarino1185. Wall16 Jan 2017 12:112  
Something is grammaticaly incorrect in the problem description...Georginsky1185. Wall4 Dec 2016 05:142  
Does "that it is accurate to 8 inches" requirement mean anything?ToadMonster1185. Wall29 Feb 2016 18:251  
clockwise order)-XraY-1185. Wall6 Jan 2016 13:032  
What does "Accurate to 8 inch" mean ? and Also why adding 2*pi*l to perimeter of polygon ?competitivecoder1185. Wall20 Sep 2015 20:281  
Simple=)TakeOver1185. Wall20 Feb 2014 17:372  
Help Needed...WA12 thanks a lot!DR. Zhihua Lai1185. Wall1 Apr 2013 19:441  
So easymuhammad1185. Wall21 May 2012 14:402  
Help me !hnivhnivt951185. Wall21 May 2012 14:221  
WA12. Give me hint, plz.Programmer1185. Wall31 Aug 2010 18:204  
Why WA#1sim401185. Wall9 Aug 2009 23:491  
wa#10. how to output?AlMag(VNTU)1185. Wall21 May 2009 18:363  
Judges, who can help me? WA 12.Programmer1185. Wall24 Jan 2009 00:071  
Damn, simple algo but WA#9! Help, please.Alexey1185. Wall26 Oct 2008 04:245  
problem with accuracy ?Todor Tsonkov1185. Wall12 Aug 2006 21:081  
Little questionAIT1185. Wall1 Apr 2006 20:555  
Does anyone know why this problem was rejudged?(+)Valentin Mihov1185. Wall10 Apr 2004 02:211  
Crash!lzoi_HsWy1185. Wall12 Aug 2003 09:062  
why i got WAcoma1185. Wall10 Jun 2003 12:183  

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