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Discussion of Problem 1188. Library

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To everybody who had solved this problemRenat Mullakhanov1188. Library25 Nov 2020 01:565  
WA #9 / WA #11👨🏻‍💻 Spatarel Dan Constantin1188. Library12 Jul 2019 21:262  
WA #6👨🏻‍💻 Spatarel Dan Constantin1188. Library4 Jul 2019 21:421  
HintPong Eksombatchai1188. Library25 Sep 2011 00:091  
Admins the description of the problem is wrong !Fechete Dan Ionut[dany]1188. Library27 Nov 2010 18:434  
What does the data in test 6 looks like?ICTshan1188. Library19 Sep 2008 23:401  
What's the answer of this test?viz1188. Library6 Sep 2008 18:576  
Can't get AC. Can anyone help me? Here's my src...Alyosha Popovich1188. Library9 May 2002 15:421  

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