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Discussion of Problem 1189. Pairs of Integers

TLE 4👑TIMOFEY👑1189. Pairs of Integers16 Aug 2023 21:260  
what's the test case 7???? All the cases given hv been passed alr...flyingpig1189. Pairs of Integers9 Mar 2022 14:451  
attention! you must sort answer!Felix_Mate1189. Pairs of Integers5 Aug 2017 20:580  
if input=800,100168 what's the output?gc0071189. Pairs of Integers16 Mar 2016 19:032  
what is the ouput of the number 99 and 202sultan1189. Pairs of Integers9 Jun 2013 17:573  
WA 4Глащенко Никита1189. Pairs of Integers16 Oct 2012 18:512  
What's the fourth caseHuang SX1189. Pairs of Integers17 Apr 2012 19:231  
Solution best ?trunghieuhf1189. Pairs of Integers11 Nov 2011 20:121  
Only some hours to solve it ! I think it's simple problem. Although at the first sight, it's likely hard.Phan Hoài Nam (Harvey Nash)1189. Pairs of Integers12 Jan 2011 15:270  
250+52Edric Mao1189. Pairs of Integers31 Oct 2010 02:451  
How can i do faster?Yashar Abbasov1189. Pairs of Integers16 Aug 2008 01:001  
Could anybody give out a test that let this program go wrong?Nickolas Kakà1189. Pairs of Integers28 Jun 2008 20:140  
Help! Eager!Nickolas Kakà1189. Pairs of Integers26 Jun 2008 20:012  
Some testsCarbon1189. Pairs of Integers30 Jan 2008 17:230  
How can i do faster?Yashar Abbasov1189. Pairs of Integers22 Nov 2007 14:370  
Who can help me with the 4th test?terro1189. Pairs of Integers20 Nov 2007 17:440  
How many pairs are there in this case ?Vua moi chay xuong nha xem phim duoc 1 ty, len chung no da lam x1189. Pairs of Integers3 Aug 2006 16:002  
Compilation ErrorTrần Quang Chung1189. Pairs of Integers8 Jun 2006 08:221  
who can tell me some hint with 1189ACer1189. Pairs of Integers8 Jul 2004 04:551  
if input=800,100168 what's then output?gc0071189. Pairs of Integers8 Jul 2004 04:501  

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