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Discussion of Problem 1190. Bar of Chocolate

Couple of ClarificationsVarun Sharma1190. Bar of Chocolate14 Jun 2011 22:471  
Why WA test #2Pawel1190. Bar of Chocolate20 Jan 2011 16:400  
WA Test #7Varun Sharma1190. Bar of Chocolate24 Dec 2010 17:304  
Test WA#3Quramboyev Akbar Shox!1190. Bar of Chocolate13 Oct 2010 17:471  
WA # 7Nikita Sivukhin1190. Bar of Chocolate2 Jun 2010 11:401  
Test#2?phpcreator[ONPU]1190. Bar of Chocolate15 Feb 2010 21:560  
WA # 9M@STeR.SoBG1190. Bar of Chocolate23 Jul 2009 02:395  
WA 9. Previous advice doesn't helpNikita Artyushov (SPb SU, mat-meh)1190. Bar of Chocolate5 Jul 2009 03:310  
Hints for WA on test 12pyh1191190. Bar of Chocolate6 May 2009 17:341  
Why Wa 12?Rabidstorm1190. Bar of Chocolate7 Feb 2009 08:150  
wa12!!Mikucon1190. Bar of Chocolate7 Feb 2009 06:540  
Unclear statement or weak testsFyodor Menshikov1190. Bar of Chocolate5 Feb 2009 12:021  
What is a test 3?fuch_prog_er1190. Bar of Chocolate4 Feb 2009 23:160  
Wrong testsFyodor Menshikov1190. Bar of Chocolate4 Feb 2009 11:361  
Nice problemAnisimov Dmitry (Novosibirsk STU)1190. Bar of Chocolate24 Jan 2009 23:160  
PLEASE TEST MY PROGRAM!Bychkov=>[ProgMyaZzz]1190. Bar of Chocolate27 Aug 2007 20:550  
Task described wrong!TimoX1190. Bar of Chocolate17 Aug 2007 02:300  
Wrong test 3 or Incorrect tests!Peter Huggy (Pskov)1190. Bar of Chocolate23 May 2007 11:131  
Uncorrect test.dimozzz1190. Bar of Chocolate16 Feb 2007 22:451  
Wrong test 3Fyodor Menshikov1190. Bar of Chocolate13 Feb 2007 22:171  

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