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Discussion of Problem 1191. Catch the thief!

Where difference?Felix_Mate1191. Catch the thief!30 Jan 2018 01:050  
Hints (+) {just use 3 shortint}Locomotive1191. Catch the thief!25 Jan 2014 13:183  
What is the answer for this test please...anyone tell me?Vladimir Milenov Vasilev1191. Catch the thief!24 Oct 2013 23:103  
Problem 1191 is renamed (+)Sandro (USU)1191. Catch the thief!1 Apr 2012 13:240  
Strange thing...Alexander Samal1191. Catch the thief!8 Feb 2011 16:171  
Who can explain the standard input and output? Why 'YES"?qaztz1191. Catch the thief!27 Oct 2010 18:092  
Could someone explain me the statement of the problem?(+)Algorist1191. Catch the thief!29 May 2009 08:1611  
need some help(WA 1)Hanzbrow (TNU) KCC1191. Catch the thief!28 Mar 2009 20:220  
I have WA#10. Can you help me?Max Pilgrim1191. Catch the thief!18 Mar 2009 19:380  
GrammarYermak1191. Catch the thief!15 Dec 2007 00:071  
What's the answer for this input???Vladimir Milenov Vasilev1191. Catch the thief!25 Jul 2007 19:375  
WHY WA 1???????Todor Tsonkov1191. Catch the thief!1 Jul 2006 13:052  
What should I do. Can you give me some test.Fender_moo1191. Catch the thief!6 May 2006 00:142  
Does the prob statement mean that whenever the robber arrives at a stop, a tram has just left and he's got to wait Ki minutes?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1191. Catch the thief!5 Jul 2004 15:540  
Help! Why am I getting all those WA's???Alex[LSD]1191. Catch the thief!17 Feb 2003 09:531  

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