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Discussion of Problem 1195. Ouths and Crosses

WA10: HintKostyaRychkov1195. Ouths and Crosses5 Jul 2020 07:180  
WA11(12) Vs MyTestsChidori-kun1195. Ouths and Crosses26 Jun 2020 12:585  
Statement lies: there are test cases when crosses needs two moves to winBurakov Vladislav1195. Ouths and Crosses31 Jul 2018 00:322  
incorrect tests.jk_qq1195. Ouths and Crosses24 Mar 2014 04:420  
What is wrong with this algorithm? How can I know Test 11?Nodir NAZAROV Komiljonovich1195. Ouths and Crosses27 Jan 2014 20:580  
HintASK1195. Ouths and Crosses20 Dec 2011 10:241  
WA#14,please helpHrayr1195. Ouths and Crosses9 May 2011 15:490  
No subjectNeMo1195. Ouths and Crosses31 Dec 2010 20:000  
WA #4Varun Sharma1195. Ouths and Crosses12 Dec 2010 03:230  
plz help!!!hoan1195. Ouths and Crosses7 Nov 2010 21:490  
Good problem!░▒ Nguyễn Kim Vỹ ▒░1195. Ouths and Crosses23 Jul 2010 23:131  
FOR ADMINS(+)Виктор Крупко1195. Ouths and Crosses24 Apr 2010 13:412  
To admins..(+)grayluck1195. Ouths and Crosses19 Apr 2010 08:501  
HELP ME PLEASE@ntiFreeze1195. Ouths and Crosses3 Apr 2009 19:411  
any test data? I get WA. Help me!final1195. Ouths and Crosses22 Mar 2009 14:364  
My algo may seem interesting to youmelkiy1195. Ouths and Crosses19 Mar 2009 07:360  
IT IS VERY EASY FOR ME =) (use minimax algo)Erko1195. Ouths and Crosses2 Jan 2009 13:590  
Why WA#1?Where is mistake?Thank!!!Search1195. Ouths and Crosses16 Mar 2008 15:050  
WA #13tupica1195. Ouths and Crosses28 Feb 2008 12:561  
Is it possible such an input??? Problem 1195Vladimir Milenov Vasilev1195. Ouths and Crosses27 Aug 2007 15:022  

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