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Discussion of Problem 1197. Lonesome Knight

Python answer 100% workdesinger581197. Lonesome Knight6 Jul 2019 00:230  
Я решил с сестройtima200720071197. Lonesome Knight22 Feb 2019 18:310  
wa on test 2tawsifsazid1197. Lonesome Knight5 Dec 2018 02:171  
help with python solution pls (probably input problem)kisma1197. Lonesome Knight12 Sep 2017 17:491  
What is TEST #2Manoj Pathak1197. Lonesome Knight9 Jun 2017 04:180  
WA1 i dont understand why (golang)Khinel1197. Lonesome Knight9 Jun 2017 00:251  
Что не так с этим решением?EveHo1197. Lonesome Knight14 Mar 2017 19:335  
В ABC работает, в Free нет. Ошибка компиляцииDmitry_Terenichev1197. Lonesome Knight5 Mar 2017 21:252  
Why the "for" stoppedLucas1197. Lonesome Knight5 Jan 2017 11:341  
I CAN HELPMixael1197. Lonesome Knight29 Oct 2016 21:270  
WA#2. What's wrong? Please help!prime1197. Lonesome Knight5 Aug 2016 23:072  
runtime error javaMostafa Tantawy1197. Lonesome Knight1 Jul 2016 10:100  
C# Solutionzak4271197. Lonesome Knight14 Jun 2016 00:060  
WA #2. Still everything is right. \\// Ошибка в тесте №2. Хотя всё и так правильноBatyr Nuryyev1197. Lonesome Knight14 Mar 2016 23:360  
Работающая версия [Worked]sovaz19971197. Lonesome Knight28 Feb 2016 00:050  
answer c#>OWL<1197. Lonesome Knight17 Jan 2016 14:350  
I got AC! Here is my program!panrui1197. Lonesome Knight27 Jan 2015 03:327  
why Runtime Error?Kayzer1197. Lonesome Knight26 Nov 2014 00:070  
Please give me test №1.Grigorenko Vlad1197. Lonesome Knight1 Nov 2014 16:561  
W.A. 2 Help meAlexsey1197. Lonesome Knight20 Jul 2014 20:071  

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