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Discussion of Problem 1197. Lonesome Knight

Those whot got wa int test case 2.look at heremd adullah al mamun udoy1197. Lonesome Knight4 Nov 2022 18:300  
C++ Accepted 0.001Trest1197. Lonesome Knight1 Aug 2021 22:130  
You can use this table for easy AC.Keworker1197. Lonesome Knight19 Jun 2021 11:210  
wa on test 2tawsifsazid1197. Lonesome Knight31 May 2021 15:142  
Found funny formula solution :-)LuckyCat1197. Lonesome Knight21 May 2021 06:401  
HOW IN JAVAMuhammad1197. Lonesome Knight6 Mar 2021 19:491  
A methodical way to solve(definitely can be improved) using c++tdnnojtupbkmuhehvb1197. Lonesome Knight30 Jan 2021 09:380  
# Test 2 ...Esteban Suazo1197. Lonesome Knight21 Oct 2020 02:001  
Very Easy Solution Using C++,brute force...!Shahariar1197. Lonesome Knight19 Jul 2020 22:000  
Я решил с сестройtima200720071197. Lonesome Knight22 Feb 2019 18:310  
help with python solution pls (probably input problem)kisma1197. Lonesome Knight12 Sep 2017 17:491  
What is TEST #2Manoj Pathak1197. Lonesome Knight9 Jun 2017 04:180  
WA1 i dont understand why (golang)Khinel1197. Lonesome Knight9 Jun 2017 00:251  
Что не так с этим решением?EveHo1197. Lonesome Knight14 Mar 2017 19:335  
В ABC работает, в Free нет. Ошибка компиляцииDmitry_Terenichev1197. Lonesome Knight5 Mar 2017 21:252  
Why the "for" stoppedLucas1197. Lonesome Knight5 Jan 2017 11:341  
I CAN HELPMixael1197. Lonesome Knight29 Oct 2016 21:270  
WA#2. What's wrong? Please help!prime1197. Lonesome Knight5 Aug 2016 23:072  
runtime error javaMostafa Tantawy1197. Lonesome Knight1 Jul 2016 10:100  
C# Solutionzak4271197. Lonesome Knight14 Jun 2016 00:060  

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