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Discussion of Problem 1198. Jobbery

If you have TLgaporf1198. Jobbery14 Jun 2020 20:571  
unable to go below 1sec and 10MBTbilsu_Irakli Khomeriki1198. Jobbery16 Sep 2018 17:310  
Use 'Visual C++ 2013' instead of 'G++ 4.9 C++11'[SESC]Fstilus ♂♊🎧皇1198. Jobbery7 Dec 2016 21:290  
WA 31 (help)Combatcook1198. Jobbery28 Jul 2016 14:510  
Time limit is correctedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1198. Jobbery4 Feb 2016 08:240  
just dfs giving TLE in test case 21Raj Manvar1198. Jobbery25 Dec 2015 15:100  
Weird tl-XraY-1198. Jobbery13 Nov 2015 23:550  
use scanf instead of cinwangbicheng11198. Jobbery7 Nov 2015 10:530  
O(N^2). Is there better solution?Oracle[Lviv NU]1198. Jobbery10 Aug 2015 12:585  
Best complexityAlexandru Valeanu1198. Jobbery5 Jan 2014 13:440  
stuck on 49 TLE ( and only one who get wa on 46 :) )qulinxao1198. Jobbery13 Aug 2012 20:491  
I'm using Warshall's algorithm, but TLE 21Andrew Sboev1198. Jobbery25 Jul 2012 00:202  
WA 12THE_SCORPION1198. Jobbery27 Apr 2012 14:085  
fast solutionDenis Tapyshpan1198. Jobbery2 Dec 2011 01:130  
Some testsRustam Ganeyev1198. Jobbery3 Dec 2010 19:301  
if you have MLEIbragim Ismailov (TNU)1198. Jobbery27 Nov 2010 23:201  
Weak testsAlex Tolstov (Vologda STU)1198. Jobbery2 Jul 2009 01:162  
why tilme limitedSwordHoly1198. Jobbery8 Mar 2009 19:161  
Please, tell me the good idea of solving this problem, cuz at about four programs don't pass the 21st test...Alexey1198. Jobbery17 Nov 2008 17:226  
I solved this problem in 0.5s!love_lq1198. Jobbery24 Aug 2008 09:540  

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