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Discussion of Problem 1200. Horns and Hoofs

WA#18BOBUR_OG'O!!!1200. Horns and Hoofs2 Sep 2020 18:320  
How come the suboptimal algorithms get accepted?waddlepoof1200. Horns and Hoofs20 Apr 2020 12:070  
Judge, Please, Help! Why fail in test #2? this is codeAlexander J. Villalba G.1200. Horns and Hoofs17 Apr 2020 02:340  
WA #14zaitsevmishka1200. Horns and Hoofs27 Dec 2016 21:040  
Problem 1200 Horns and Hoofs has been rejudgedVladimir Yakovlev (USU)1200. Horns and Hoofs3 Oct 2016 05:302  
Easy magic O(k)[kubsu] Eugene Kudinov1200. Horns and Hoofs18 Nov 2015 02:530  
If you keep getting WA#13PrankMaN1200. Horns and Hoofs13 Mar 2015 22:370  
What is test #7?Alexey Krupnitskiy1200. Horns and Hoofs14 Nov 2014 17:170  
acceptedSunnat1200. Horns and Hoofs21 Jan 2014 03:502  
Please give test 2Alexander Im1200. Horns and Hoofs24 Jul 2013 20:231  
WA #14... againnikitaevg1200. Horns and Hoofs8 May 2013 21:521  
Numbers don't have exaclty 2 digits after decimal point!Alexey Dergunov [Samara SAU]1200. Horns and Hoofs25 May 2012 20:490  
WA #2 I did it correct, Why Wrong Answer???Sherzodbek1200. Horns and Hoofs2 Mar 2012 11:450  
WA#7Adrian1200. Horns and Hoofs20 Jan 2012 19:101  
weak testsibra (TNU)1200. Horns and Hoofs9 Jan 2012 03:220  
3 algorithms for you !Phan Hoài Nam (Harvey Nash)1200. Horns and Hoofs27 Aug 2011 20:511  
Could someone give some extra tests,please...Thanks!Vladimir Milenov Vasilev1200. Horns and Hoofs22 Aug 2011 08:044  
Test#12Tang RZ1200. Horns and Hoofs6 Mar 2011 11:534  
Test #14aSSault1200. Horns and Hoofs30 Jan 2011 22:472  
Who can give me some tests,I got WA all the time!!Help!!Ural_Yin Tong1200. Horns and Hoofs30 Aug 2010 12:467  

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