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Discussion of Problem 1201. Which Day Is It?

Pay attention!andreyDagger1201. Which Day Is It?4 Jun 2022 16:451  
1201 is stupid!Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1201. Which Day Is It?19 Apr 2020 02:552  
wa4 is feb (+)ASK1201. Which Day Is It?25 Mar 2016 03:533  
WA 10 and I have no idea what could be wrongMishaRash1201. Which Day Is It?25 Jul 2015 00:561  
Problem without problem statement!!![SPbSU ITMO] MAKAPOB1201. Which Day Is It?21 Jul 2015 22:272  
hint for WA 10BORODA1201. Which Day Is It?8 Feb 2014 19:240  
WA2SazanovSasha1201. Which Day Is It?12 Jul 2013 15:371  
To Admins : WA 10Andrew Sboev [USU]1201. Which Day Is It?8 Mar 2013 15:511  
Very interstingAguero1201. Which Day Is It?4 Mar 2013 21:233  
WA#3 and leap year HELP!!!sernas201201. Which Day Is It?3 Mar 2013 04:060  
Pascal datetime behaving strangely?lancs1201. Which Day Is It?5 Dec 2012 19:430  
if wa9taobingxue1201. Which Day Is It?2 Sep 2011 04:291  
WHY WA#16Nick Loginov (USU)1201. Which Day Is It?27 Feb 2011 17:161  
WA5?Timur Sitdikov (MSU TB)1201. Which Day Is It?24 Jan 2011 17:531  
[WA #1] why my code got WA #1Luke Fang1201. Which Day Is It?17 Jul 2010 08:030  
AC (tests)kxurshid1201. Which Day Is It?1 Oct 2009 06:070  
ACkxurshid1201. Which Day Is It?1 Oct 2009 06:060  
Some help to ...Oleg Strekalovsky [Vologda SPU]1201. Which Day Is It?14 May 2009 20:020  
WA#6 ?? I can't understand !!FireHeart1201. Which Day Is It?27 Apr 2009 01:431  
Can anyone explain me which day of week was 1.1.1600???Varduhy1201. Which Day Is It?11 Feb 2009 13:272  

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