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Discussion of Problem 1203. Scientific Conference

How can I sort in this problem?K-A-R-E-N1203. Scientific Conference4 Sep 2014 19:331  
Test Case3Bruno Braga1203. Scientific Conference1 Aug 2014 03:050  
Runtime error (access violation) on test 13Nekto891203. Scientific Conference17 Jun 2014 02:240  
It's greedy~ZLqiang1203. Scientific Conference4 Jun 2014 00:546  
anyone knows what test 7 is?mikewu1203. Scientific Conference1 Mar 2014 02:592  
Crash (stack overflow)Komron1203. Scientific Conference26 Dec 2012 10:120  
Test Casesmk_cena1203. Scientific Conference3 Nov 2012 21:510  
please tell me what is carsh(access_violation)Vijay1203. Scientific Conference28 Apr 2012 08:312  
WA14Borozdin Kirill1203. Scientific Conference6 Oct 2010 21:370  
for those who have WA11abc1203. Scientific Conference30 Sep 2010 17:310  
how quick?lian lian1203. Scientific Conference20 Mar 2010 16:421  
Please help me what is wrongTigran Hakobyan(1 course RAU)1203. Scientific Conference7 Feb 2010 00:110  
WA2. Why?Roman Semyonov [DeLorean]1203. Scientific Conference21 Sep 2008 19:520  
WA 11 please helpnikk19881203. Scientific Conference18 Jan 2008 00:570  
test 6ninponwar1203. Scientific Conference18 Feb 2007 22:370  
Why CE?Stanislav_Ognqnov1203. Scientific Conference2 Aug 2006 20:502  
Why WA???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cosine1203. Scientific Conference18 Sep 2003 20:200  
Why I got WA!!?? Can someone help me?Li Xun1203. Scientific Conference7 Apr 2003 05:310  
why i got WA?Neo1203. Scientific Conference10 Mar 2003 15:250  
Why i got WA?Please help(Code inside)Ural_Huang Shang1203. Scientific Conference12 Feb 2003 18:560  

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