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Discussion of Problem 1203. Scientific Conference

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WA 4 Tolchev Evgeny1203. Scientific Conference25 Nov 2022 03:001  
What is DP solution? ThxDmitriy1203. Scientific Conference30 Apr 2022 18:166  
Easy problemAnton1203. Scientific Conference13 Jul 2021 18:371  
greedy guilty spark1203. Scientific Conference25 Aug 2020 06:162  
Some test, which may help youDixonD (Lviv NU)1203. Scientific Conference10 Jul 2019 16:222  
WA 124llower1203. Scientific Conference26 Oct 2018 13:051  
What can it be on the 4-th test?Soul Reaver1203. Scientific Conference9 Sep 2018 17:285  
See If you are getting WA 7 Ashish Nimbalkar1203. Scientific Conference7 Aug 2018 14:301  
Python 3. Code Improvement.Dhruv Somani1203. Scientific Conference8 Dec 2017 11:113  
WA2 cto asipkaFeruz1203. Scientific Conference5 Apr 2017 17:491  
Tle test 13 with O(n)Ghiorghiu Ioan-Viorel1203. Scientific Conference31 Mar 2017 10:194  
I am getting a tle on my dp algo ontest case !11suryansh1203. Scientific Conference21 Jun 2016 10:281  
what is my problem on c++? (Wa2)nick nikuradze1203. Scientific Conference12 May 2016 12:262  
It is easy, just sort and one linear cycleSanatbek_Matlatipov1203. Scientific Conference1 May 2016 22:223  
this is a famous problemdingalapadum1203. Scientific Conference20 Jan 2016 09:202  
TLE16 - Go 1.3Evgeny Sibil1203. Scientific Conference12 Nov 2015 18:582  
Here is the sample of the test for the WA13esbybb1203. Scientific Conference20 Jun 2015 04:051  
Test #7 why?AlexRad1203. Scientific Conference6 Apr 2015 14:291  
Add test pleaseFyodor Menshikov1203. Scientific Conference29 Mar 2015 00:194  
Who has WA2Carbon1203. Scientific Conference18 Mar 2015 19:575  

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