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Discussion of Problem 1207. Median on the Plane

why WA?Diac Paul1207. Median on the Plane26 Jul 2009 18:521  
qsort+Computational geometrybobchennan1207. Median on the Plane22 May 2009 11:320  
Now I have WA#7!BlackShark1207. Median on the Plane22 Apr 2009 16:292  
I need HelpMihran Hovsepyan {2 kurs of <RAU>}1207. Median on the Plane30 Dec 2008 21:470  
who can help me with 7-th test.? thanksVALERO1207. Median on the Plane3 Nov 2006 11:103  
Why WA on test #6?NIS (liceum 165)1207. Median on the Plane18 Oct 2006 15:561  
WA on Test#7 Please HELP!!!!MultiThread1207. Median on the Plane22 Sep 2006 13:480  
Why WA on Test 7?Tabledott1207. Median on the Plane21 Jun 2006 02:019  
If i'm not wrong In test 4 one of coordinates is +/- 1E9 (-)Ivankov Dmitry1207. Median on the Plane4 Oct 2005 03:091  
Help me with my program?Alexander Bovkun1207. Median on the Plane3 Apr 2005 01:041  
Why wa on test #7?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1207. Median on the Plane27 Aug 2004 20:451  
Please help, what's wrong with this programMadPsyentist/Sam1207. Median on the Plane27 May 2004 21:247  
why lock!!!!!!!ruwelcome1207. Median on the Plane7 Jun 2003 18:260  
When will the problem unlock? I couldn't solve itCloudy1207. Median on the Plane17 Apr 2003 18:342  
When will the problem unlock?Sum 11207. Median on the Plane18 Feb 2003 19:580  
Help,Why WA,thanks!Bishop1207. Median on the Plane7 Nov 2002 19:250  
How to do '1205'?ting1207. Median on the Plane6 Nov 2002 19:323  
fuck offRazenshtein Ilya1207. Median on the Plane11 Oct 2002 18:011  
Who can help me?zouyi11207. Median on the Plane10 Aug 2002 17:172  
What's wrong with my answer. Help, please.meoden1207. Median on the Plane15 Jun 2002 19:470  

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