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Discussion of Problem 1208. Legendary Teams Contest

tle in c++ and ac in javaalphaplus1208. Legendary Teams Contest24 Apr 2022 12:492  
If you have WA 9Tapti1208. Legendary Teams Contest1 Nov 2021 21:130  
help test19marlen2001861208. Legendary Teams Contest8 Oct 2020 00:260  
Good testSkeef791208. Legendary Teams Contest10 Aug 2019 22:270  
NP-hard?!Erop [USU]1208. Legendary Teams Contest12 Jul 2019 15:093  
how to slove this ??shweta1208. Legendary Teams Contest4 Jun 2017 16:582  
If WA 5Combatcook1208. Legendary Teams Contest23 Aug 2016 17:460  
WA 12BZz131208. Legendary Teams Contest23 Jun 2016 18:481  
TEST CASEGastonFontenla1208. Legendary Teams Contest30 May 2016 06:010  
My mistakeArseniy1208. Legendary Teams Contest27 Apr 2016 18:330  
HELP ME WITH TEST 9!!!!!!!!!Edic1208. Legendary Teams Contest9 Feb 2016 00:332  
Problem 1208 "Legendary Teams Contest" has been rejudgedSandro (USU)1208. Legendary Teams Contest6 Nov 2015 09:230  
How I solved it! :DGastonFontenla1208. Legendary Teams Contest20 Aug 2015 13:310  
Please give me the test 10huntwx1208. Legendary Teams Contest4 Jul 2015 07:250  
A very nice tip that this problem had for me!kerpoo1208. Legendary Teams Contest27 Jan 2015 02:100  
To Adminsr1d11208. Legendary Teams Contest25 Mar 2013 14:430  
In case of WA#7daftcoder [Yaroslavl SU]1208. Legendary Teams Contest23 Sep 2011 01:171  
Wa9 need some selp or a test.Hrayr1208. Legendary Teams Contest6 Jul 2011 22:190  
input format warningKolyanich1208. Legendary Teams Contest28 Dec 2010 01:541  
So easy.Ayhan Aliyev [BOTL]1208. Legendary Teams Contest27 Dec 2010 13:143  

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