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Discussion of Problem 1210. Kind Spirits

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acceptedMikhail1210. Kind Spirits11 Nov 2019 03:592  
Wrong constraint for test case #9cylau19961210. Kind Spirits15 Sep 2019 10:011  
WA #9 Useful TestSergeyGlazkov [SPbPU]1210. Kind Spirits25 Jul 2019 06:561  
WA #5. Some tests is neededRakovets Alex1210. Kind Spirits23 Feb 2019 11:586  
WA #9Sunkyu Hwang1210. Kind Spirits23 Feb 2019 11:573  
if wa2tishinilia1210. Kind Spirits1 Sep 2018 16:531  
More test casesazikar241210. Kind Spirits20 Feb 2018 00:091  
WA,What's wrong with my program? Please HELP! THANKS!Nico1210. Kind Spirits25 Aug 2015 16:004  
I think that it seems to be dp problem)Alibi1210. Kind Spirits23 May 2015 07:342  
WA 5 :(esraa.ali1210. Kind Spirits15 Sep 2014 05:411  
For whom, who get WA 6Gleb_Kazantaev(NNSTU)1210. Kind Spirits22 Jul 2014 19:251  
WA #7chickenway1210. Kind Spirits6 Dec 2013 08:411  
I agree with last orators, can somebody give #6 test?AndrKonin1210. Kind Spirits16 Sep 2013 16:531  
WA on 6 testR. Dubinin1210. Kind Spirits29 Jul 2013 23:511  
W.A. on the 6 test!!!!Ivan1210. Kind Spirits16 Jul 2013 17:552  
So what is test 6? - Runtime Error with C#NeoTheFox1210. Kind Spirits3 Apr 2013 16:461  
For the people who WA TEST#5bobchennan1210. Kind Spirits8 Apr 2011 17:123  
AC 0.093 143 KbВиктор Крупко1210. Kind Spirits8 Apr 2011 17:129  
Give me some testsDuzhy Igor1210. Kind Spirits31 Dec 2009 23:433  
why WA test#4 please Help me!!!!!!!hisp1210. Kind Spirits30 Oct 2009 17:131  

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