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Discussion of Problem 1213. Cockroaches!

Why the answer is Number_of_Compartments-1Pegasus1213. Cockroaches!21 Feb 2015 22:051  
Help in Java 1.7Axmadjon1213. Cockroaches!5 Jun 2014 16:200  
The problem is simple.But you must care that if N(different compartments)=0 you should output 0 instead of -1Y.Y.M.1213. Cockroaches!18 Dec 2013 15:257  
If you have WA #4PrankMaN1213. Cockroaches!3 Aug 2013 03:050  
#13 fuch_prog_er1213. Cockroaches!10 Mar 2013 08:072  
Easy Answer (Russian)Ankerok1213. Cockroaches!17 Apr 2012 20:360  
For all Who used hash and got WA6SP21213. Cockroaches!26 Nov 2009 19:361  
No subjectVarduhi Yeghiazaryan1213. Cockroaches!18 Feb 2009 14:400  
Help me PLEASE !!!!GodZilla1213. Cockroaches!25 Jan 2009 16:302  
This problem is very easy.But I don't know it has such a long text.TheBeet1213. Cockroaches!30 Dec 2008 21:281  
Please,expl me my mistake-why WA2ENick(TNU)1213. Cockroaches!30 Jun 2008 01:460  
Got WA on test 9 any example?Hemisphere1213. Cockroaches!19 Aug 2006 06:351  
why crash on this in java:while (input.equals("#")!=true)dracularKing1213. Cockroaches!28 Jun 2006 12:133  
There is very simple decisionVladG1213. Cockroaches!10 May 2004 16:111  
what does this problem mean?Failed Peter1213. Cockroaches!28 Apr 2004 18:381  
Can someone give me a test where the answer is different from (diferent compartments - 1)Nikolay Marinov1213. Cockroaches!21 Apr 2004 11:361  
Why answer is not equal to (amount of departments) - 1???Give some tests plz.Vlad Veselov1213. Cockroaches!28 Aug 2003 18:251  

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