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Discussion of Problem 1217. Unlucky Tickets

test n=48ura1217. Unlucky Tickets5 Dec 2018 23:590  
a hintesbybb1217. Unlucky Tickets14 Oct 2016 21:081  
To adminspmartynov1217. Unlucky Tickets20 Jan 2013 21:251  
What's the answer for n=6?sillyboy1217. Unlucky Tickets27 Jan 2011 11:308  
Who can solove this problem in DP?help me,pleaseliuzhizhi1217. Unlucky Tickets9 May 2010 03:447  
Some TestsOleg Strekalovsky [Vologda SPU]1217. Unlucky Tickets8 May 2010 17:080  
Should I use long arithmetics ?? Blum1217. Unlucky Tickets9 Nov 2007 20:031  
What is answer on this tests?Thank!!!CHIDEMYAN SERGEY1217. Unlucky Tickets30 Aug 2007 04:311  
What answer on thi test?Neizvestnii1217. Unlucky Tickets29 Jun 2007 11:160  
0.001s and 354k without precalculation!!!xj.ammo1217. Unlucky Tickets18 Sep 2005 21:110  
Admins, look at this bug!Yaroslavtsev Grigory1217. Unlucky Tickets18 Aug 2005 22:349  
What is the answer for n = 20 and n = 18? Ярославцев Григорий1217. Unlucky Tickets3 Aug 2004 21:073  
Dynamic Program......Y.Y.M.1217. Unlucky Tickets23 Jun 2004 21:530  
what's the answer when n=20???WA1217. Unlucky Tickets16 Aug 2003 03:240  
my program give then ansers isit corectOleg1217. Unlucky Tickets8 Jan 2003 15:091  
There must be some bugs with the testdata !XueMao1217. Unlucky Tickets15 Dec 2002 12:594  
agc0071217. Unlucky Tickets26 Nov 2002 15:351  
agc0071217. Unlucky Tickets26 Nov 2002 14:560  
Problems 1012, 1013Leo1217. Unlucky Tickets22 Nov 2002 20:481  

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