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Discussion of Problem 1219. Symbolic Sequence

Wrong testAlexandr1219. Symbolic Sequence4 Jan 2023 00:212  
SimpleMehas1219. Symbolic Sequence16 May 2020 16:394  
oddiygina kichik harflarning ixtiyoriy ravishda to'ldirsangiz kifoya!!!!Adhambek1219. Symbolic Sequence9 Nov 2018 15:521  
Why WA 1 I've counted 'a','ab','abc' and other subsequences and got satisfying to condition....IlushaMax1219. Symbolic Sequence6 Apr 2017 01:170  
Bad problem statementKuros1219. Symbolic Sequence11 Sep 2014 12:321  
In fact,the problem is very very very very very very very easy.Accepted1219. Symbolic Sequence28 Jan 2014 01:481  
I got AC 0.093 48 Kb. No randomFurtuna Dan Emanuel1219. Symbolic Sequence11 Aug 2013 21:554  
Output limit exceededilalex1219. Symbolic Sequence1 May 2013 06:170  
Python solutionilalex1219. Symbolic Sequence1 May 2013 04:220  
Java the bestTUITUF_Bahrom1219. Symbolic Sequence8 Apr 2013 18:320  
it's too easyNikolo.frost1219. Symbolic Sequence29 Oct 2012 11:500  
MY AC PROGRAM C++!!!yaho0o01219. Symbolic Sequence11 Sep 2011 04:142  
How should I output?Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff1219. Symbolic Sequence3 Feb 2011 22:439  
var i:longint; begin for i:=1 to 1000000 do write(chr(random(26)+ord('a'))); end.BlackShark1219. Symbolic Sequence3 Jan 2009 01:340  
why is it so easy? just "random"!!ch951219. Symbolic Sequence21 Dec 2008 13:190  
SIMPLE!!!Egor Stepanov [mikroz] + Seregka1219. Symbolic Sequence31 Oct 2008 01:560  
I've got WA#1 Mihran Hovsepyan {1 kurs of <RAU>}1219. Symbolic Sequence4 Jun 2008 14:510  
Help this gets WA. I wrote test program it says that everything is OK? HelpEvil Hacker1219. Symbolic Sequence25 Feb 2007 11:442  
That is very funnyKomendantian Grant Mikaelovich SSAU1219. Symbolic Sequence2 Jan 2007 13:282  
It is impossible to accept it! Trofimov Dmitry1219. Symbolic Sequence21 Feb 2006 22:481  

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