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Discussion of Problem 1221. Malevich Strikes Back!

Problem description LaVuna [NULP]1221. Malevich Strikes Back!12 Feb 2021 15:390  
WA3……LeiQ1221. Malevich Strikes Back!28 Oct 2017 16:532  
Why is problem in dp topic???Anatolich1221. Malevich Strikes Back!23 Dec 2016 19:400  
20x20, No sulution,9esbybb1221. Malevich Strikes Back!28 Nov 2016 00:171  
Help me I got WA 1KillThemAll[Xupypr]1221. Malevich Strikes Back!5 Apr 2016 16:202  
WHY WA2gamepro1221. Malevich Strikes Back!13 Nov 2015 15:000  
Is there better solution then O(n^3) for each test?vgu1221. Malevich Strikes Back!1 Nov 2013 01:173  
TestsAlexander Samal1221. Malevich Strikes Back!25 Feb 2013 19:512  
test 2 in sample seems to be wrong?Abhishek G. Nanda1221. Malevich Strikes Back!29 Nov 2011 07:420  
This test helped me in 1-testYusupov Azat(TUIT Urgench)1221. Malevich Strikes Back!21 Jul 2011 17:060  
Please explain algo to me!Vasily Slesarev1221. Malevich Strikes Back!27 Jun 2011 14:402  
WA#1hoan1221. Malevich Strikes Back!21 Dec 2010 19:340  
time limited errorpyh119_2007OnlineJudge1221. Malevich Strikes Back!13 Mar 2007 18:450  
Why I got WA on the 1st test case? Need your help. ThanksMultiThread1221. Malevich Strikes Back!10 Jun 2006 17:360  
why time limit 1 testfamas1221. Malevich Strikes Back!27 Apr 2005 00:560  
who can explain the problem description to me ?Samball1221. Malevich Strikes Back!22 Oct 2004 04:533  
In fact this problem is so easy that you can only use full search to pass it!charles.king1221. Malevich Strikes Back!29 Apr 2004 14:020  

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