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Discussion of Problem 1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles

Solvable with DP (TLE)guilty spark1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles7 Sep 2020 17:150  
Right Algo:bsu.mmf.team1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles16 Jun 2017 22:114  
As a fixed time solutions on the server?BrainBreaker1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles17 Feb 2017 22:462  
Editorial 1222. Chernobyl’ Eaglesknok161222. Chernobyl’ Eagles27 Feb 2016 15:360  
Tip for resolutionGastonFontenla1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles5 Aug 2015 07:370  
Admins! Java and TL...HonoraryCoder1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles9 Jan 2015 20:311  
AC with Long Arithmetic in C++[RISE] Levon Oganesyan [RAU]1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles31 May 2014 02:060  
using Java.math.BigInteger really saves a lot of codingDR. Zhihua Lai1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles25 Dec 2012 05:592  
WA #2 Check 1Poochi1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles28 Sep 2012 11:181  
TL??Kiril Kafadarov1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles8 Mar 2012 13:351  
> if input '5 31' then what should be outputed.cz1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles24 Dec 2011 00:071  
WA#10ZiV1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles11 Jan 2011 11:484  
What idea in solution?Kirin Vladislav1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles3 Aug 2010 17:388  
AC in 0.031s (233 КБ) on c++Rafikov Ramil1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles20 Oct 2009 23:150  
SOS!!! WA in test 4garnett1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles17 Apr 2009 11:410  
The answer for n=3000?AmBush1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles29 Mar 2009 19:327  
Format Problem!!!Sergio Marquez1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles29 Mar 2009 19:246  
My methodwu hao1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles29 Mar 2009 19:231  
cehhh1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles31 Dec 2008 19:410  
What answer for n=2?Ikari [pskov] - Andrey Marchenko1222. Chernobyl’ Eagles28 Dec 2007 22:312  

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