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Discussion of Problem 1225. Flags

what's answer if N==45 or N==5,6,7,8Badd1225. Flags5 Mar 2020 12:545  
Why fo N = 6 answer is 16 instead of 14? IlyaGrebenyuk1225. Flags2 Mar 2020 14:141  
sdftry1225. Flags25 Dec 2019 15:132  
Time exceeded with C++.. I used recursionEvans Owamoyo1225. Flags3 Nov 2019 15:211  
Mi russkie, s nami bog Dan1225. Flags4 Sep 2019 21:220  
No subjectPULSAR1225. Flags18 Feb 2018 19:070  
why WA in 5Bazeev Damir`~1225. Flags11 Feb 2018 09:570  
Broken TestsInDevRus1225. Flags18 Jan 2018 13:381  
An explanation why the doubled Fibanucci sequence is suitable hereIvan Avdonin (Vologda ML)1225. Flags11 Jan 2018 10:011  
Is it possible to mathematically prove that it is necessary to use the Fibonacci numbersIlushaMax1225. Flags11 Jan 2018 09:501  
How to use dynamic programming to solve this problem?Nick1225. Flags27 Dec 2017 18:094  
Assembler in PascalZinovij1225. Flags1 Dec 2017 20:470  
please helpmasoumeh1225. Flags28 Oct 2017 15:565  
problem in first test case elafifi1225. Flags5 Aug 2017 09:361  
why is my solution wrong? (Python 3.4)GG WP / Изи катка1225. Flags15 Mar 2017 04:491  
My solutionUmaru Doma1225. Flags6 Jul 2016 07:460  
I understand myself. Here is explainingIlushaMax1225. Flags12 Mar 2016 16:590  
solution is hereTemirbay Miras1225. Flags14 Sep 2015 00:581  
Pascal. Type - int 64. Compilation error, why?Maxim_tmn1225. Flags28 Jul 2015 22:371  
When N=45, my program shows 0...What's wrong with my code? Please Help Me.Ealham Al Musabbir1225. Flags24 Jul 2015 15:532  

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