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Discussion of Problem 1227. Rally Championship

How can this be solved? Can anyone help?(+)asif1227. Rally Championship8 Oct 2020 20:5610  
WA 3So Sui Ming1227. Rally Championship18 Dec 2019 12:002  
In case you have WA7Ilistratov1227. Rally Championship28 Oct 2019 20:090  
No subjectRiladavin1227. Rally Championship27 Aug 2019 19:040  
WA#17 Help, pleaseAnn1227. Rally Championship19 Mar 2019 00:150  
WA#18Bogolyubkiy1227. Rally Championship17 Sep 2017 19:321  
S violates "S <= 1e6" conditionVladyabra'`1227. Rally Championship10 Oct 2016 10:561  
Some Hint :Adhambek1227. Rally Championship10 Nov 2014 13:580  
If you have WA 11 or WA 17Mamuka Sakhelashvili [Freeuni]1227. Rally Championship16 Feb 2014 22:460  
WA 12Hristian Hristov1227. Rally Championship4 Oct 2011 02:230  
WA#4wjg9451227. Rally Championship11 Feb 2011 09:290  
Why WA#9?Lucifer1227. Rally Championship1 Dec 2010 19:491  
To AdminsPetr Huggy (Pskov)1227. Rally Championship21 Nov 2010 12:500  
WA #8Faeton (Kyiv - Mohyla Academy)1227. Rally Championship21 Nov 2010 12:411  
WA#12Dmitry S. Vakulenko1227. Rally Championship9 Apr 2010 00:140  
Pls answer me!Rostislav1227. Rally Championship5 Nov 2008 19:474  
To adminsLoky_Yuri [USTU]1227. Rally Championship13 Jul 2007 01:451  
could you give me more test??michalos20051227. Rally Championship14 Mar 2007 04:250  
Please, tell me my mistake! WA#4 Code is insideAlex Stoff1227. Rally Championship6 Jun 2006 17:070  
Can anybody help me...Alexander Bovkun1227. Rally Championship11 May 2006 21:412  

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